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It's mid-December, and the airwaves are blanketed with shows in which beloved regulars don Santa hats and remember valuable lessons about the human condition. That's right: 'tis the season for holiday-themed episodes. Yet where are we with Prison Break -- August? Blahvember? There is no way to tell. And if ever there was a series in which the regulars needed a valuable lesson about the nobler aspects of the human condition, it's this one. Therefore, I have decided that instead of recapping the regular episode, I'm going to recap the holiday episode that should have aired. You're welcome, and happy holidays!

So, the Prison Break Christmas episode opens in a rustic cabin, high in the San Bernadino mountain range outside Los Angeles. We see Michael walking up the snowy steps of the front porch, saying to Dr. Sara, "I don't really want anything for Christmas. Now that the One World Conspiracy's been dismantled and General Von Baldy's behind bars, there's not a thing --"

And I have just been informed that by the terms of the contract I signed with TWOP, I must recap television show episodes as they aired, not as I would have liked them to air. All right, Legal, you've spoken, and I must comply. But A Very Prison Break Christmas will continue to air during the commercial breaks in the regular recap.

On the REAL episode: Dr. Sara happens to have swung by the One World Conspiracy HQ, and Linc is filling her in on the details she may have missed in the last episode: "Michael needs surgery. He's going to get it... [General Von Baldy] has arranged for the best doctors in the world." When Dr. Sara floats the idea that maybe, letting conspiracy goons scramble Michael's brains isn't the best option, Linc shuts her down. Dr. Sara says, "I don't understand why [the One World Conspiracy] would help him." General Von Baldy materials out of thin air and brightly says, "Dr. Tancredi! Welcome." Dr. Sara levitates about a foot thanks to sheer horror, and General Von Baldy says soothingly, "Please. There's nothing to be afraid of. All we want is to help --" "You're going to save Michael?" she asks. General Von Baldy gives her the skeptical eyebrow and a "You question our capabilities?" No, Dr. Sara is questioning the likelihood that Michael will wake up with a bomb wired in his brain, or something equally nefarious. General Von Baldy asks, "When a fellow human being is suffering, why would we not want to lend a hand? Empathy, Sara, is the only thing that separates us from the beasts." If this evil overlord thing doesn't work out, General Von Baldy can travel to disaster regions and tender his services as an emergency cooler, seeing as butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

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