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Let the Water Wash Away Your Sins
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The episode begins with Linc punching a tied-up Agent Blots Out the Sun back at Team Scylla HQ. He's hoping to soften up Agent Blots Out the Sun so he'll call General Von Baldy and say, "I've killed everyone." Agent Blots Out the Sun politely tells Linc to keep on pounding, because he has no intention of doing his bidding. Lincoln's like, "Okay!" and so we get LINCOLN SMASH! After a bit, Bellick comes in and fussily drags Linc off. He's escorted over to the table, where Dr. Sara asks, "Believe me now? Beating him isn't going to work." No, but judging by the amount of sweat Linc's pumping out, it's a hell of a workout.

Linc then sets up the premise for why they're keeping Agent Blots Out the Sun alive: they want him to call General Von Baldy and claim that Team Scylla's dead. Michael is skeptical this can even work: "You don't think a trained military veteran is going to hear the fear in [Agent Blots Out the Sun's] voice? They're going to know he was coerced." Linc is like, "Give me a little more time with him," and Michael gently lets him down with "I hear you, Linc, but he can't make the call if he's unconscious." Bellick reminds everyone that whatever they decide to do to Agent Blots Out the Sun, they'd better do it quickly, because Mahone's not going to wait forever. We then cut to Mahone, who's looking worse than we've seen him all season.

Meanwhile, at the One World Conspiracy's HQ, Lisa's delivering the bad news to General Von Baldy: it'll take them three days to move Scylla. General Von Baldy's not down with that, and Lisa seethes, "Respectfully, this is not as simple as unplugging a laptop and moving it to another room. The data on Scylla is too delicate --" General Von Baldy rolls over her explanation before it can degenerate into the kind of specificity that would require massive ret-conning in upcoming episodes, but Lisa does not back down: it's taking three days. Anything else would be a miracle. Just then, a flunky comes in to say that Agent Blots Out the Sun is not returning any phone calls, and oh, whatever shall they do? General Von Baldy snaps that the flunky can just keep calling, and in between ringy-dingies, he can draft a press release calling out Michael and Lincoln, so at least the public can be reminded that these fugitives are still at large and need to be captured. General Von Baldy finishes by shouting, "I want it impossible for them to walk down the streets of Los Angeles without being recognized!"

Back at Team Scylla HQ, Don Self comes by and asks "I assume we haven't made much progress with our friend over there?" Michael lazily drawls, "Any suggestions?" "How about we talk to him?' Don Self replies. Sucre says, "Great. You wanna give him some milk and cookies while you're at it?" Don Self rolls his eyes, then slams down his briefcase while he says, "How about some nice conversation?" Going by how both Linc and Dr. Sara recoil, I'm going to guess there's not an emergency sleeve of Nutter Butters in there for emergency conversations.

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Prison Break




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