Prison Break
Hell Or High Water

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Somewhere In The Darkness

Michael comments, "So now we wait?" "Yeah," Linc replies. "Think this will work?" Michael persists. Linc answers uneasily, "Yeah, this will work. You, me, L.J." Michael frets a little over Splenda. Dude, forget the substitute! Fret over the real thing! Sucre's in trouble now! But while we're talking about Splenda: yeah, he's in a little spot of worry; he and his papa have just rolled up to a barricade. Splenda freaks, "You've got to turn around, Papa! I can't go back to Sona! I can't!"

Back at Sona -- oh, this is so painful to watch. Poor Sucre has just been found out as being Fernando Sucre, and if I know my Sona law enforcement professionals, a crunchy beating is coming forthwith.

Meanwhile, on the outside...Mahone is helping Whistler splint his ankle. Michael retreats from that action, and heads over to talk to Linc. He says, "You know, you did great." FINALLY! Linc shrugs that off with, "Thanks. I just want L.J. back, you know?" Michael assures him that it'll just be a matter of time. Mahone comes over and says, "Since I don't have a pony in this race, I guess this is where I say goodbye." Mahone has guessed wrong; Lincoln plans to kill Mahone since Mahone killed his father. He says, "I was going to kill you at the beach, but I didn't want to do anything that was going to get us caught." Whistler begins sidling discreetly toward the door. Lincoln says, "You shot my dad in the back. I'm going to give you the courtesy you never gave him. Now turn around. Turn around." We get a close-up on Mahone; he looks positively teary, but resigned. Michael implores Linc to think about what he is doing. Mahone turns around, saying, "I was told to choose between your family and mine. That was my option. I chose mine." Michael continues to try and dissuade Linc from killing Mahone, but Whistler ultimately does the job by leaping out of the building and escaping. (I KNOW!) Mahone takes advantage of the ruckus to run off, while both brothers try to take off after Whistler. Unfortunately, Whistler carjacks someone. Michael asks, "What are we going to do now?" Well, we'll all find out next week!

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Prison Break




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