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Somewhere In The Darkness

Linc, ,meanwhile, tries to call Sucre to see where he is. Unfortunately, Sucre answers the phone right as Captain Mullet comes back in. The mobile is promptly impounded. Oh, Sucre, this is not going to be your episode, is it?

It may not be Linc's either. He leaves a panicky message for Sucre: "Where the hell are you? We're counting on you to be here! If you're not there, we're dead! Now call me back, please!" (The "please" kills me.) We quickly switch back to where Sucre is, i.e. handing over everything in his coverall pockets. Captain Mullet orders an underling to cart everything off and stick it with Sucre's personal effects. Sucre then asks why the alarms are going; upon learning some prisoners tried to escape, he asks avidly, "Did they get out?" Bafflingly, this fails to set off Captain Mullet's crime-sniffing instincts. He tells Sucre, "They got caught. And one of them got shot pretty bad." He walks off shortly before Sucre goes into full-blown fret mode.

Meanwhile, Splenda's dad Alfonso has called Linc. There's some completely non-informative chatter regarding Lincoln's Suburban and then the men agree to meet at the "312." Linc then hangs up, the better to go sprinting through the jungle.

Inside Sona, the guards are doing a count. They take a brief break to interrogate the would-be escapees. With the lion's unerring instinct for cutting down the weakest member of the herd, some guard immediately goes for Bellick and begins choking him, while the new general in charge of Sona keeps asks how they got into no man's land. After approximately fifteen seconds of valiant resistance, Bellick chokes out, "a tunnel!" We cut to T-Bag, looking shocked again. There went his "Plan B," which probably went something like "Wait for all the fuss to die down. Try the tunnel again." Bellick then adds that the tunnel's under Lechero's room, and T-Bag just winces in exasperation. Lechero opts to bleed quietly in a corner. The guards order Bellick to show them where the tunnel is.

Speaking of the tunnel...the remaining four escapees are in there, and Whistler's getting nervous. Michael assures him, "It's just a matter of seconds now." What follows is a tense sequence in which we see the four escapees slithering out of the tunnel's entrance, rolling below the Jeep parked conveniently overhead, and making for the break in the fence that Sucre helped create. And the reason it's so tense: it's interleaved with shots of Bellick bringing the guards down to the tunnel, them shooting their way through the lock, and the posse just barely missing Splenda as he gets out. (And T-Bag only now realizing that Scofield planned this on purpose.) Because this is a nicely paced sequence, I'll ignore the little voice in my head asking, "How did Michael know the Jeep would be parked right above the tunnel, thereby shielding everyone from detection from the many armed guards still swarming through no man's land?" Shut up, little voice! Michael's near-omniscient mastery of coincidence was established in the opening sequence of this episode! So you just shut up real good!

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Prison Break




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