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Somewhere In The Darkness

All right, all better. We get a sweeping shot of the beach -- where everyone's footprints are visible, and I cannot believe neither Michael nor Mahone thought about rubbing them out -- and then zoom over to jungle. Lord, it makes me want to go on vacation. The guards also want to head to the beach, only they've come out at a point just down the beach from where the boys jumped in the drink, so they're missing all those footprints. After scanning the horizon to see if there are any watercraft, the lead soldier asks, "Where the hell are they?"

Answer: swimming in an amazingly clear and blue body of water. I read that this was filmed around Florida, but I have to tell you: I was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico last November, and it was nowhere near as clear and blue as this. Lovely -- who can complain about chillaxing on the beach after Thanksgiving? -- but nothing like this. Anyhoodle, everyone swims along. And you know, for someone who allegedly tore up his ankle, Whistler's doing a very strong breaststroke. As is Michael who, let us not forget, lost a few toes only a few months ago in Prison Break time.

Back at Sona, the guards are taking out their frustrations by thrashing Bellick to within an inch of his life. Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't shot him and T-Bag as an example to the others. You'd think that after three escape attempts in two weeks, the administration would want to quell the possibility of a fourth attempt.

And outside Sona, the boys continue to swim along. On the beach, lots of armed guards are running around, ignoring the pre-existing footprints and creating plenty of their own footprints to further confuse matters. The leader of the investigation radios General Whoosis -- also known as General Mestas, by the by -- says he'll be sending more men. Immediately over his left shoulder, Sucre's still trying to see what's going on, while Captain Mullet stands and soaks in his own self-righteousness. As Captain Mullet prepares to head out, Sucre pleads, "This is getting crazy. I'll plead guilty for the warrant. I'll show up for the court hearing. Let me get out of here. With these alarms and the guns, things are making me nervous." Captain Mullet could not care less: "Until things settle in, you go nowhere." Oh, Sucre, this is not going to be your episode, is it?

We head back to the beach, get a lovely shot of a brown pelican flying by, and then we see all the guys popping up right near a buoy. Everyone swims over and begins clinging to it. Linc looks around the empty waters and begins asking, with increasingly urgency, "Where is he? Where is he? Where is he?" Whistler asks who "he" is, and that's when Lincoln confirms that Sucre was supposed to be there with a boat. Michael is watching for an exhausted Splenda, while Mahone pulls Whistler out of the water. Linc points out that the exhausted men can't hold out for too much longer. Michael replies, "Sucre's coming -- be patient." We get a long, long shot indicating how far out they really are.

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