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Somewhere In The Darkness

We cut to Alfonso pulling up at the boat pier in anticipation of meeting Splenda. However, when he walks over to boat slip 312 (ha-HA! There it is!), the boat is still there. Alfonso asks, "Wasn't boat 312 supposed to go out today?" and a wonderfully Falstaffian dockhand replies, "Someone reserved it, but they never picked it up." We cut to a close-up of Alfonso looking worried.

Then we cut to the beach, where the head of the search is telling General Mestas that he thinks the fugitives may have headed back into the jungle. We cut to Mestas rolling his eyes before he points out, "The jungle? You asked me to send men to the beach!" The guy on the beach winces, but he's saved by a few dogs, who have sniffed out the shoes in the cooler. Once he sees the shoes, he's back on the radio: "General, I think we have to call the coast guard." Cut to the general having a little temper tantrum. Sucre looks increasingly nervous.

And out on the water, everyone's debating whether you get the pruney fingers because your skin's taken on extra water or because the skin's shriveled in the water. No, not really. They're talking about the ending of the movie Open Water. I kid again! They're not really doing much of anything past trying to drown (Splenda) or saving the would-be drowners or bitching at Michael because Sucre hasn't shown up. Michael defends his bromantic partner with "Sucre's not just going to abandon us! He'll show. He'll show."

Or he'll continue sweating in the police office. Captain Mullet has concluded that the escapees are likely fish food at this point, and Sucre struggles to maintain a poker face. It's easy, because soon, he can make the Shame Face. It seems that "Jorge Rivera" is wanted for more than a drunk-and-disorderly; he's also wanted because he hasn't paid child support. Captain Mullet asks, "What kind of man doesn't take care of his family?" Sucre swallows the bitter irony and replies, "Not a good one." He pleads to go, but Captain Mullet's adamant that there will be paperwork first. The captain walks off, leaving Sucre to marinate in his guilt. Oh, Sucre, this is not your episode, is it?

We then cut to Susan B. having a small hissy fit, on account of having lost all track of the escapees. Her driver says reassuringly, "Burrows will reach out if he wants his son back." Susan B. snarls, "That might no longer be an option." We cut to Sofia's clueless, panicky face and L.J.'s more resolved one. That poor kid -- in the past few months, he's weathered more murders and death threats. I fully expect to learn in a future season that he's retreated to some remote Buddhist monastery to pull his head together. Susan B. gets out of the van, grabs a sedan, and drives off somewhere.

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