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Somewhere In The Darkness

Meanwhile, out on the water, a boat has come straight for the buoy. However, since it's not flashing a light like Sucre was supposed to, everyone quickly concludes it's not him. Splenda promptly panics. "The coast guard! They've found us!" he says. However, it turns out to be his dad instead. Oh, relief all around! The guys all swim over to the boat and struggle aboard. Whistler says, "Michael, if I don't get another chance, I want you to know that I appreciate everything you've done." Michael replies, "You're welcome." We then get a moist reunion between Alfonso and Splenda. When Lincoln clambers aboard, he asks, "How'd you find us?" Alfonso explains, "You said you'd be coming from the southwest, so I took a chance." Michael frets a bit about Sucre, but then the boat takes off. We get a beautiful, wordless sequence where we see all the guys silently slumped on the boat. Michael looks worried; Lincoln looks angry but resolved; Alfonso radiates serenity; Splenda looks older, yet calmer; Whistler looks nauseous (which would seem like a liability in his line of work...unless he's feeling ill about something else). Mahone -- well, he's smiling slightly.

Anyway, we go from that short interlude of calm to another shot of Bellick getting beat up some more. And you know, for all that he's a class-A prick, I still don't enjoy watching him get tenderized. Surprisingly, neither does T-Bag, but I suppose he's just uneasy because it's a preview of what he's in for. Lechero continues to bleed quietly. And now, the guards have decided to walk T-Bag through no-man's land, instead of, say, shooting him and making an example of him in front of the other inmates. For that kind of dumb thuggery, they deserve to be dealing with prisoner breakouts on a regular basis. Anyway, this little walk through the sand is pretty much an excuse to get Whistler's book into T-Bag's hot little hand (he's tossed to the ground, notices it there and manages to grab it because the guards are totally not paying attention to their little would-be escapee) and it is such a contrived set of circumstances even for this show, I can't be bothered to say anything else.

We're back with the escaped crew. They've docked and disembarked, and it turns out that Linc's got clothing for everyone. Whistler remembers that he had a foot injury for five seconds, and then everyone changes OFFSCREEN, perpetuating yet another aesthetic injustice in this episode. Linc takes a time-out to shake Alfonso's hand and thank him for his help; the smaller man says, "Thank you for my boy. I hope you get your son back, too." Linc's good mood deflates. Splenda shakes Michael's hand in thanks, and the father and son head out.

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Prison Break




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