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Michael tries to protest that he wasn't watching Hurtado, but the guard's having none of it. Neither is Michael, for some reason: "I know what you think you saw, but I wasn't watching you!" He does not add, "I was watching your television, to see if I could distract you enough to sneak out tomorrow." Hurtado counts down from five. Whistler watches, concerned, as Michael continues to protest. Mahone is also looking concerned, if a little baffled. Whistler finally shouts that the monocular is his, and the Colonel walks over to inquire as to why Whistler was watching Hurtado. Whistler improvises that he was actually bird-watching, and whips out his guidebook for proof. Michael gives him a look of pure disbelief. Whistler hands over the book with ostensibly-shaking hands. When the Colonel is all, "You know, you could have said something sooner..." Whistler bats his big blue eyes and protests, "I was scared." Michael looks over, still sort of confused by what just went down. The guards take off, and Michael grabs his precious monocular. Whistler gives him A Look. Perhaps he is wondering -- as I am -- how it is that the dust around Michael's knees managed to stay so dry.

We then cut to Michael sprinting through the hall to get back to his cell, only to discover it locked. This is unfortunate, as the EMP transmitter was in there, along with the hammocks he and Whistler were turning into ropes.

And now, T-Bag must say goodbye to his newest ladylove. I...I am just amazed that in the two-and-change seasons this has been on, T-Bag has managed to get more play from the ladies than Michael, Sucre, and Linc put together. Magdalene bats his big brown eyes at T-Bag before he goes to apprise Lechero of what happened with the guards (i.e. a big bag of nothing), and she is left all alone with the drawer that has the cashbox in it.

When Lechero heads in, Magdalene's put the habit back on, and she's walking out very nervously. Lechero tries to comfort her -- a little bit late for that, if you ask me -- and that's how he discovers the real reason she's nervous: Magdalene's tried to pocket a little cash from the box in the drawer. T-Bag immediately rushes in and says, "Patron, I gave her the money. I was going to replace it myself at-at-at the end of the day, when I get my cut. I just didn't get a chance to tell you yet. She had no money to get home." Lechero asks Magdalene if this is true, and the lady lies like a champ. T-Bag leans in and presses, "With all due respect, surely you don't want your mistress traveling broke? She'd end up in a taxi with no way to pay the cab fare." Lechero asks, "You did this for me?" T-Bag babbles that he did and Lechero says quietly, "Teodoro...the one who does all the useful things for me. Huh? And now you do the thinking for me." T-Bag barely has time to protest before Lechero's laid him out on the floor. As Lechero orders, "Get a bucket. Wash my feet," we see him push Magdalene into the room in front of him, and T-Bag walks off in the opposite direction, retching from the blow to the stomach. Back in the shadows, Sammy watches silently.

We then cut to the front of Michael's cell, where he's still having a quiet meltdown. Whistler strides up, all business, and asks what they do now. The two then descend into another round of bickering and yeah, yeah, they don't know each other, they don't trust each other, they're at the mercy of the One World Conspiracy. Whistler finally says, "If you can't get me out of here, tell me now. Because time's running out." As he stomps off, Michael just looks all sad, instead of snapping, "If you've got a Plan B, feel free to bring it out at any time."

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Prison Break




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