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Up A Road Slowly

Linc finally takes a break from digging and collapses backward. Sofia irritably tosses him a bottle of water. Linc tells her, "You know, my brother and I wanted to come down here to Panama and start a dive shop, like the one we were at today. My boy was going to leave school and come down, help start the family business." Sofia figures they can go that once "this is all over." Linc mutters, "Too much bad stuff's happened." Yeah -- can you imagine the atmosphere around the dive shop? Michael would be all, "Linc, did you remember to fill those tanks?" and Linc would reply, "Didn't I tell you I did?" and then Michael would flash him the Blue Steel and go, " told me like you told me Sara was dead!" And then it would be so tense, all the potential customers would find excuses for leaving. Anyway, back in the episode that is actually taking place, Linc shows Sofia the equipment he bought (and is burying) and he says, "Our getaway vehicle." Smart! He then orders Sofia, "Next time you see Whistler, I want you to tell him what you saw. Tell him we're all in this together. We're part of a team. You understand?" Sofia is a little baffled at this change in attitude, but she'll go along with it. She also goes along with Linc's orders to walk through the woods as opposed to back down the shoreline. Next thing you know, they're practically on top of Sona. Linc says, "If all goes well, we'll see them tomorrow." And that is when I pause and laugh and laugh and laugh, because...hello, Linc. Where have you been for the past two seasons and change? "If all goes well," indeed.

Inside Sona, Michael is telling Mahone that they've got to replace everything they lost -- starting with a new exit point. But before the two can talk further, Mahone is distracted by Tyge walking by. Both of them watch him walk up to Whistler and say, "I know you." Whistler tries to blow him off, but Tyge presses, "You're McFadden, right? Nice, 1997?" Whistler is all, "You've confused me with someone else," but Tyge persists, "No, no, no, I swear. You were with the ambassador." Both Mahone and Michael are openly watching this. Whistler says coldly, "You've mistaken me for someone else." Tyge gives him a skeptical look and walks off without another word.

Whistler comes over to Michael and Mahone, both of whom are giving him looks like, McFadden, eh?. He protests that Tyge is merely silly from the heat. Mahone finally breaks the awkward silence with, "C'mon, guys, I got something to show you."

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Prison Break




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