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Up A Road Slowly

While we're all musing on such a spectacle, Michael is correctly intuiting that someone was eavesdropping on him. However, when he and Whistler rush outside the cell, Tyge is already gone.

We cut to Tyge hustling across the courtyard, trying to look like he's not in a hurry, and he bumps right into Mahone. Tyge mumbles a "pardon me" and Mahone says, "You're the new guy." Tyge rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah. Who are you?" Mahone gets all up in his face and replies, "Not the new guy." I love Mahone when he's snarky. This season's been missing his particular brand of humor. So Mahone and Tyge do a little posturing, and Mahone warns Tyge, "Is this your first time in prison? Rule number one: you mind your own business." Tyge tells him to take his own advice, and learns rule number two: don't mess with the guy who looks like he hasn't combed his hair in a week.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Linc and Sofia are tooling around the back roads, looking for someplace to park the getaway vehicle and fleshing out Sofia's characterization. She tells Linc that she and Whistler hooked up during her senior year; she was a barmaid, and Whistler used to come around and sit alone at the bar. Linc mutters, "Hitting on a waitress. That's romantic." Linc should maybe not critique anyone else's game until we see how his is -- so far, he's got "hooked her when she was too young to know better" (Veronica) and "punched in the mouth" (Jane, maybe), so honestly, hitting on your waitress seems like a step up. Sofia protests, "He is! Every time he goes away, he brings me back a present." She points to the gaudy necklace hanging from the wheel of her truck, saying that Whistler brought it to her after visiting his mom at her retirement home in Scottsdale. Linc is about to make another snappy comment when their jalopy is suddenly surrounded by a lot of uniformed officers. The guards make them get out, shouting that they're on state property, and all roads within the two-mile radius surrounding Sona are closed to traffic. After she realizes that Linc will be no good at providing a cover story, Sofia soon takes over, telling the guards in Spanish, "This is why my friends don't visit Panama. You cops bother everyone." Eventually, the guards let them go. The very minute Linc and Sofia are back in the car, they're chattering about how they'll need to find an alternate route via the coast. Well done, geniuses. Next time, transcribe your conversation for the cops who are probably only a few feet away.

Inside the prison, Michael and Whistler are still working industriously: Whistler's produced some hammocks that can be used to make a rope, and Michael's covetously eyeing a microwave. Whistler half-heartedly tries to talk Michael out of boosting it, but within seconds, he's playing lookout as Michael pries it loose. Unfortunately, the giant inmate to whom the microwave belongs is just about to come strolling back to his cell. Whistler frantically gets Michael out of the cell; the microwave is left hanging by one strap attached to the wall.

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Prison Break




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