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As Lechero's crew brings in the food, T-Bag heads over to Mahone, brings him two tiny envelopes, and says brightly, "It's two-for Tuesday! A one-time special, just for you. But there's a price -- Lechero's getting pretty sensitive about the cash flow." Mahone points out that he's a tad short at the moment. T-Bag figures he'll start a tab for Mahone. Oh, this will not end well, will it? Also, speaking of things that could end up going pear-shaped for everyone: Sammy is the one who notices the package of drugs Sucre stuck in a crate of fruit, and he's slipped it into a pocket in his cargoes without anyone noticing.

We cut to a dazed prisoner hearing a rasping noise, then wandering over to look at the hole where the microwave used to be. There is then a funny cut to Michael trying to quickly-yet-casually walk away with a microwave in his hand. And then we get the obligatory sequence in which Mahone is high as a kite. Yes, there is the wacky music to let you know his senses are distorted, yes, time has slowed to a super-arty crawl, and yes, I am so disgruntled by this new character twist that I refuse to spend more time on it than necessary. Just suffice it to say the whole point to this scene is that even in his heroin-addled state, Mahone's capable of noticing something outside that has to do with his paper coffee cup.

Down in the courtyard, many inmates are enjoying the play-by-play radio broadcast of a soccer game. Out in the guard tower, the sports-nut guard is adjusting his TV set so he can hear the same game. And inside Michael's cell, Michael's providing exposition for everyone's sake: "During my third year of school, we studied electrical engineering with a focus on EMPs -- that's electromagnetic pulses. If you hook up a power source to a transmitter, it generates a pulse. That pulse crashes anything electronic." Whistler jokes about Michael's terrorist tactics. Michael concedes that yes, EMPs can be used for evil, and that engineering students now learn how to defend structures as well. However, since the guard tower was engineered a long time ago, there's no chance that it's invulnerable to EMPs. Whistler jokes, "I'm guessing you always won the elementary science fair." Michael just gives him a look. There was no call for that, Scofield! You could have just pointed out that yes, you did win in fifth grade but then the city's bomb squad had to come in and defuse the sentient robot you created. Nobody would have looked down on you. Anyway, Michael finishes his EMP transmitter. The prisoners rioting in the courtyard is his first cue that his device is effective. And while we see that the prison guard's TV went out, Michael does not. He whips up his monocular to see if he can determine anything, and the light catches the lens. Michael turns away for a moment, and when he raises the monocular again, we see the guard aiming a gun right at him -- and then firing it.

A few bullets whiz into the cell. Both Michael and Whistler drop to the ground. Bedlam has broken loose in the prison, klaxons are sounding, and Splenda comes to fetch the two dumb gringos, explaining that the guards are coming in. We cut to Lechero's suite. Sister Magdalene is back in her nun togs, but she's still not supposed to be in there. Lechero charges T-Bag with hiding the lady.

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Prison Break




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