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"You're a Waste of My Fries"

Meanwhile, on the outside…Kellerman's looking at the still that the conspirators managed to pull off the door reflection in the photo frame, and all I can think is, "So you're telling me the government can spring for the super-duper Photoshop technology, but it can't hook its NYC FBI agents up with an email account?" He asks who the man is, and Brinker tells him that all he needs to know is that Mystery Man (a.k.a. Pa Burrows) used to work for the company "before he went rogue." Brinker also reluctantly tells Kellerman that their rogue is also Lincoln's father. Kellerman says, "Wait, wait, wait. You picked the son of a company man to be our patsy. Does the company know?" Brinker acidly points out, "The company did know. That was the whole point." Kellerman says, "How 'bout you elaborate on that?" and Brinker snaps, "How about you stop with all the questions. You are a glorified bodyguard -- that's it. Your job is to be seen and not heard. Is that understood?" Kellerman promptly begins being seen and not heard. But you just know that he's now bumped Brinker up to the top of his Coworkers I'd Like To Kill list. There is that vacancy there, post-Hale.

Team Escarpara's busy finishing their floor when Westmoreland comes in to announce that another CO's on the way. It turns out that Pope wants to see Scofield, and the rest of Team Escapara's now finished with work. C-Note protests that they have a few more hours' work, but CO Geary shuts him down. As Team Escarpara shuffles out, Sucre swings by Michael and mutters sotto voce, "We're dead." Someone needs to begin reading about the power of positive thinking. Michael assures him that the hole will be filled and it will all work out.

Linc's gellin' like a felon in his prison cell(in) when Stolte comes by to let him know that the execution's a week from Friday at midnight. Lincoln reveals that he's a nature-lover, and he'd like ten minutes to commune with the lush green grass of the yard. Stolte's like, "Sorry -- until Pope decides to let you out on a leash, it's nothing but a dank cell for you!" Linc has a meltdown, which is totally uncalled for because when hasn't Pope been a huge pushover?

Meanwhile, on the outside…Nick's in an apartment, noting that when the Document Fairy dropped off the medical records that delayed Lincoln's execution, he or she neglected to leave any contact information. Why Nick is surprised by this is a mystery: isn't the point to a conspiracy that all sorts of people come crawling out of the woodwork to lob non-contextual information at confused stooges? Veronica points out, "Without a name or a paper trail, we have no way to get to him." "So once again, we got nothing," LJ summarizes. Veronica points out, "I wouldn't exactly call a two-week stay 'nothing.' It's more than we had yesterday." LJ speaks for skeptics nationwide when he asks Veronica, "Do you really think you'll get down to the bottom of this?" The only difference between him and us is that he thinks external forces -- as opposed to natural limitations -- will be the hampering factor. Nick points out, "The law is the only way to bring them to justice, LJ." The boy replies, "They gunned my mother down. You think I give a damn about justice? I want them -- I want to do to them what they did to me." Veronica gives a pep talk with, "They're going to slip up. They're going to leave a piece of evidence that can't be refuted and we're going to be waiting to nail them when they do." Nick points out that perhaps Quinn out at the Unalawyer's cabin is either A) said slip-up, or B) said evidence.

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Prison Break




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