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"You're a Waste of My Fries"

Linc quickly twigs to the fact that Michael's but a cell or two away, and whispers into the drainpipe. Michael looks around, trying to figure out if he's hearing real voices or just the ones in his head. He finally figures out that he can use the drainpipe as a party line -- and boy, that must get old for inmates who aren't invited to join the conversation -- and leans down to say, "We're in a lot of trouble now. Pope asked some questions that I couldn't answer. He's got proof that I was where I wasn't supposed to be. He doesn't know it, but sooner or later, he's going to put the whole thing together. There's no way out of this." Linc tells him there is. What, via the Reading Rainbow? Lincoln tells Michael to have faith. Michael is on the verge of tears as he tells Lincoln, "I put my blood into this, and it's coming apart."

Lincoln tells him, "The whole point of solitary is to break you." Or to give introverts a much-needed break from routine. Lincoln continues, "It'll make you crazy. You gotta keep strong, you hear me? Don't let them break you." Michael repeats, "I put my blood in this," and Lincoln looks up all, Yep. He's snapped like a bra strap.

Another member of Team Escarpara is not faring well either: C-Note discovers that sweet Kacee is not so dumb as a box of rocks after all. When his presumed arrival date came and went, Kacee began watching the news, looking for casualties. She's only now beginning to watch the news? To C-Note's horror, Kacee continues, "I started calling the rear detachment office, asking if there was some sort of problem with the 117…the rear detachment officer said the 117 wasn't coming home for another six months." C-Note's all, "Ga-what? Um, uh, that can't be right?" Kacee insists it is, and C-Note stammers, "Ah, you know what it is? It's because we're transpo. Technically, we're on a loan out from the 140 -- that's why he said that." Kacee says skeptically, "The 140th." Warming to the lie, C-Note says, "Yeah. It's just a few more days. You don't need to go calling anyone. I'll be back. I'll call you as soon as I know the exact date, okay?" When C-Note clicks off, the camera lingers on Kacee, and it's plain she doesn't believe what she just heard.

When C-Note gets off the phone and heads back to work, Sucre comes over to nervously tells him Michael's in the SHU. "Damn, the hits JUST KEEP COMING!" C-Note hollers. Heh. It's wrong to mock his exasperation, but it's just so funny. Westmoreland comes over and chides, "Last thing we want to do is panic, fellas." T-Bag begs to differ, but that's because he's high-strung by nature. The upshot: Team Escarpara has a hole that needs to be filled, and no way to get back in there and fill it before the rug company comes. Westmoreland points out that someone is actually in a position to pop out and fill the hole tonight. Sucre looks up from his shovel and notices everyone looking at him. He begins saying, "Uh-uh," and C-Note says sullenly, "Sorry, Papi, you're the only one with the toilet open to the outside." Sucre asks in a panic, "You're saying I go out there by myself tonight?" Yep. They are. Sucre points out that's impossible, and C-Note explodes, "I don't want to hear impossible from you right now! I got people waiting on me that I'm gonna lose unless you man up and get some cojones, comprende?" Well, honestly, I don't see how that's Sucre's problem. The floor, yes. That is everyone's problem. C-Note's crumbling marriage? Not so much. Sucre then snaps, "That's easy for you to say, pendejo, it's not your ass on the line." You know every bilingual viewer shrieked in delight over Sucre calling C-Note an asshole on national television. C-Note points out, correctly, that everyone's collective ass is on the line, yet Sucre is the only one who is in a position to do anything about it. The team overrides Sucre's objections about being trapped by pointing out that he'll just have to sprint across the yard to the grate when he's done. Sucre protests that it's ten years on his time if he gets caught, and T-Bag says, "You better figure out a way not to get caught." Sucre looks like he regrets the day Michael entered his cell.

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Prison Break




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