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"You're a Waste of My Fries"

Cut to T-Bag, looking visibly shaken, handing off something to Sucre and snarling, "You tell anyone about this, and I'll…" he trails off. How bad must be a tryst with Annie be if it renders T-Bag inarticulate? Sucre is grinning.

Meanwhile, on the outside…proving that this really is a show where reality is not merely suspended, but actively levitating, we get a FOX news clip claiming that an environmental bill is deadlocked in the Senate, as opposed to being gutted by the usual suspects, then trampled into a gauche gladiatorial display of partisan hackery. Madame Vice President is expected to cast a deciding vote on the bill. All this backstory is merely background to Nurse Gossipson, who's telling the voraciously grazing Dr. Sara to get a life and start dating. Dr. Sara tells her, "I've had some bad luck when it comes to relationships." "You had bad luck, or you had bad boys?" the nurse shrewdly asks. Dr. Sara says, "I've managed to have a little bit of both. I think you're right. I don't tend to go for the nice guys. I like the ones with the deep-seated emotional issues I can internalize and make my own." "Like Scofield?" Nurse Gossipson shrewdly asks. Dr. Sara lies, "Nope, not like Scofield." Nurse Gossipson is not fooled: "Every time he comes in for his shot, you spend twenty minutes rolling up his sleeve." Dr. Sara shortly says that yes, Michael is both interesting and attractive, but he is still an inmate, so he's off-limits.

Speaking of the dreamy inmate, here he is trying to recreate the blueprints with rolled-up bits of the sweatshirt. We get a boatload of disjointed flashbacks, but those don't really help Michael at all. He eventually sweeps everything away in frustration. Lincoln asks Michael how he's doing. In response, Michael stands up again, saying, "I put my blood into this," then punching the wall. This goes on for some time. Owwww.

Appropriately enough, there's a full moon outside. Sucre puts on his dark clothes, quickly gets out of the cell, then scampers out to St. Louis. Sucre quickly sets to work and gets the hole patched in no time. It's too bad he didn't think to drop a sledgehammer down into the passage first -- there's no point in having a thin patch over the floor if it's still too thick for the inmates to bust.

Stolte's outside doing his rounds, and he hears something in St. Louis. He comes in and it's all very tense, but Sucre turns out to have hidden behind some supplies, so there's no way Stolte's going to find him.

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Prison Break




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