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Agent Von Blondie -- dead!
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Previously on Prison Break: Let's just assume y'all are all up to speed on Season One, and just review the first thirteen episodes of Season Two. Here's what happened so far: Veronica -- dead! Michael and Linc's father -- dead! Dr. Sara's father -- dead! Geary -- dead! Abruzzi -- dead! Tweener -- dead, yo! Assorted people who had the poor fortune to run into T-Bag at the wrong moment -- dead!

Also, nobody knows what has become of Haywire. T-Bag has skipped out with the $1 million -- apparently, lopping off a hand only means your remaining limbs gain superhuman strength and dexterity -- then framed Bellick for Geary's murder before heading out to repair his relationship with Susan. Dr. Sara elected not to repair her relationships with either Michael or Kellerman. Sucre is still panting after the undeserving Maricruz. C-Note just managed to get his wife arrested a few miles south of the Canadian border. The One World Conspiracy's had some personnel shake-ups -- Kellerman out, Agent Kim in -- and a few performance issues with reluctant stooge Agent Mahone. L.J. was freed from prison and is now on the run with the ever-stylish Kristin Lehmann.

And somewhere in all that, Michael's plan has continued to unravel on him and Linc has merrily busted heads when needed. Also, the brothers run. A lot. In fact, that's what they were doing when we last saw them. They were running, Mahone was running until Kellerman shot him, and now...

There is still running. Kellerman and the brothers make their way out of the tunnel, and Kellerman shouts that he knows the way out. Everyone hastily piles into his big, black Chevy Deforester (or whatever the hell it is) and Kellerman tears out of there just as the cop cars and the police helicopter arrive on the scene.

The camera quickly switches to some no-nonsense officer who's busy setting up his folks. His stream of barked orders is interrupted by the gentle chirp of a distant mobile phone. Naturally, he hears it, and it leads him to discover Mahone's slumped body at the top of the exit staircase.

The officer picks up the phone and answers it. On the other end, Agent Kim feigns confusion: "Officer Tuttle?" He quickly whirls into another room and closes the door behind him. We get a quick shot of Fox News ("Uranium Enrichment to Commence By Next Year! Another Crusade for Democracy to Commence Shortly After That!") and then Kim says, "I'm looking for Alexander Mahone -- I'm his direct supervisor." Officer Tuttle remorsefully says, "Your boy's been shot." It is all Agent Kim can do to keep from giggling with glee.

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