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Agent Kellerman -- Not Dead!

Back to Christina, who's managed to find Scylla in the kitchen cabinet where Michael hastily stowed it. As she prepares to head out, a gun-toting Michael pops up from his hiding place and orders his mom to turn around slowly. "Drop the gun," he orders. Christina summons the waterworks and quavers, "Michael, when you were eight years old --" "I don't care. Drop the gun, put Scylla on the ground, and I'll let you walk out of here," he says coldly. Christina tries again: "You can't kill your mother, Michael." He says, "You were never my mother. And I'm no longer your son." This sets Christina off, and she calls Michael's bluff. She correctly concludes: "You can't do it, can you. You were born a Scofield, but you'll die a Burrows." And she'll die from being shot from behind by Dr. Sara, who fires just as Christina does. Dr. Sara's shot is better -- hers gets Christina, while Christina's just grazes Michael. However, Michael has no time to say anything like, "You know, if you didn't want to see my family at Thanksgiving, we could have talked about it first," because he's got a date to keep with Kellerman. Dr. Sara's like, "Right. And I'm getting Linc to the hospital. Muchas smoochas!"

So then Michael's walking to the rendezvous point, sort of bleeding and clutching Scylla to his side, when he gets surrounded by a new set of gun-toting goons. Poor Michael's got a WHAT NOW? look on his face as they frog-march him across a pedestrian bridge.

We then see Michael being marched into a conference room at gunpoint, which is pretty much how I have to be induced into attending staff meetings, and Michael sits down, clutching Scylla to his chest in a manner not unlike a first-grader holding his Buzz Lightyear lunchbox. Kellerman comes in and apologizes: "Sorry about all of that. I had to make sure you weren't followed." He then introduces his compadre as "Solomon Okella, United Nations. He's the man who will get this thing all done." Michael rattles off names: "Lincoln, Sara, Mahone, Sucre --" "Exonerated. All of them," Kellerman tells him. Thrilled as I am to see Kellerman, there is something strangely muted about his presence. Don't tell me he's been neutered by his tenure in an alternate universe where he's allegedly a pediatrician? Michael reluctantly hands over the case, and Okella plugs Scylla into his computer. It fails to fire up, and Okella snaps, "There's a piece missing."

Kellerman turns to Michael to delicately inquire as to what the hell Michael thinks he's doing. Michael asks how a U.N. representative is going to get the U.S. to drop any charges. "The U.S. doesn't even pay its U.N. dues!" he does not add, although it is just sort of hanging there. Kellerman grits that Michael's wasting time and putting lives in danger: "I've been telling everybody what a genius you are. Don't get stupid on me now." Okella is not putting up with these reindeer games, and shrugs, "I'm not waiting around. Either you have it or you don't." Kellerman hands the hardware back to Michael and says, "If you have it, please give it to me. You can be done with all of this, finally. And if you don't, fine. Just tell me so we can hurry up and run for our lives." And that is what finally unmans Michael. He goes limp with resignation and says, "I don't want to run anymore." "Neither do I," Kellerman says, fixing Michael with disconcertingly moist-eyed sympathy.

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Prison Break




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