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Veronica -- dead!

Bellick has now picked up Team Escarpara's trail at the boathouse. He strides over to talk to the hunter, asking, "How you doing, buddy?" "I'm pretty freaked out is how I'm doing," the guy admits. Me too -- Bellick displaying any human empathy is deeply unsettling. Bellick soon finds out that the 78 Grand Cherokee is heading north to Oswego. A penny drops, and he summons the Anti-Pope to him. They review Scofield's credit-card statements; among them is a statement for Allen's Self Storage (nestled between such local businesses as Larry's Hardware, Marry's Food Mart, Ronny's Rental Car and Jenny's Car Wash. Clearly, Allen is a nomenclatural iconoclast). Bellick feels S-M-R-T: "Of course -- where is he going to put all the crap he needs to disappear? We're going to Oswego, boys!" The boys cheer because now they can stop at Marry's for some of them tasty dill pickles that float in the jar by the cash register.

When we get back, we learn that the power of Michael-centric flashbacks has not only propelled Dr. Sara out of her coma, it's also enough to have her sitting up and reading a leather-bound volume titled Alcoholics Anonymous. The nurse tells Dr. Sara she has a visitor. It's Nurse Gossipson! How sweet that she's come all this way to keep Dr. Sara in the loop at work.

Dr. Sara's tentative yet eager expression drains away. Nurse Gossipson says, "You look disappointed." "I thought you were going to be my father," Dr. Sara says. Nurse Gossipson -- now Katie -- asks, "You heard from him?" "His office," Dr. Sara says. Katie proves that she is a good friend by hauling out a change of clothes and the purse that Dr. Sara left at the prison infirmary. Dr. Sara reaches for Katie's hand. She squeezes, then manages a rueful smile as she says, "I'm in a lot of trouble, I think." Katie's like, "Yeah, and I really didn't help things when I sort of told Pope everything I knew. But in my defense, he did threaten me with my job. Dr. Sara accepts Katie's apology with, "One thing we learn when we're walking the steps is that you never outsource the blame. It belongs in your own back yard." Really? It seems like Bellick's missed that step.

Katie smiles and says, "You're not the first correctional worker that fell for a con, trust me." She is just growing on me by leaps and bounds in this scene. Bring Nurse Katie on as a full-time character, I say. She and Dr. Sara can join the manhunt. Dr. Sara falls back against the pillow and says brokenly, "He never cared. Not one bit."

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Prison Break




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