Prison Break

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Veronica -- dead!

Linc strides off and Michael follows him, tossing him a backpack. It contains money, prepaid phone cards, and passports for Archie Ryan (Linc's new alias) and Phineas McClintock (Michael's new alias).Let the speculation about what those names mean begin! ["Okay, Phineas McClintock? Is the greatest alias ever. A friend of mine uses "Ginger McClellan" at bars sometimes, but Phineas tops it, I think. Not my recap, moving on..." -- Joe R] There are also keys to a car parked nearby. Michael planned on the car only seating two. Linc looks at the rest of Team Escarpara and asks, "Do they know?" Michael figures they will soon enough. However, that conversation will have to wait until after they figure out what to do about the FBI guy who's just pulled into the cemetery.

Team Escarpara hides in the underbrush and watches Mahone check out the newly dug-up grave. As Michael studies Mahone, he finishes tying his tie and straightens it out. Whomever thought of this gesture, nice call -- it conveys both Michael's comfort in his old identity, and his awareness that people are a lot less suspicious of suit-wearing dudes. Mahone spends a while staring at the gravestone, which reads, "R.I.P. (to) E. Chance Woods."

Sucre makes the first sensible suggestion -- "We got to roll" -- and as Team Escarpara jogs off, C-Note asks, "How did he know?" Michael watches Mahone for another minute, and he's figured out that Mahone's now studying the tattoo for clues. Michael then sees Mahone pull that thick black pen out of his pocket, unscrew it, and shake a blue pill into his palm. Mahone dry-swallows it and looks up, but by now, Michael's jogging into the woods.

The rest of Team Escarpara has been waiting for him by the train tracks -- aww! How can he ditch them after that? -- and they all jog away toward picturesque downtown Oswego. Seconds later, Mahone is on their trail. We hear a church bell go off. It is apparently the cue for the entire town to drop what they're doing and walk around on the sidewalks. As Michael and Linc walk, Michael mutters, "We're civilians, remember that. Civilians." Just then, someone grabs him by the right wrist.

Michael turns around with a hell of an expression, and a teenager recoils. The kid asks, "I'm sorry. I was wondering if you had the time?" Michael does not. Mahone, meanwhile, is standing in the center of the town square, looking at people marching through every crosswalk and thinking, What a weird little town. What's next? A pre-lottery picnic? A visit to the cornfield?

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Prison Break




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