Prison Break

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Veronica -- dead!

And now. Lincoln has to stand in a doorway and brood picturesquely. Michael comes out and claps a commiserating hand on his shoulder.

We transition to Dr. Sara, who's still reading in bed. She goes to pull a pen out of her purse, and finds an origami crane in there. Turning it this way and that, Dr. Sara sees the written legend, "There is a plan to make all of this right." That's then followed by a sequence of dots -- one presumes they're some sort of code. Whatever it is, it's making Dr. Sara feel a lot better about abetting the escape of eight cons, then falling off the wagon.

Back at FBI HQ, Mahone is busy cluing in the especially dense viewers -- and Ives -- that he's figured out how Michael hid all his escape plan clues in his tattoo. As he explains this, we see Michael getting the handcuffs off his wrist and dropping them into the dirt in a totally symbolic gesture of freedom. And now, let the games begin -- Mahone v. Michael in a battle of the brains.

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Prison Break




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