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Veronica -- dead!

Meanwhile, Team Escarpara runs through the woods in slow motion. That's unfortunate, as the police and their dogs appear to be chasing after them at full speed. Linc, Abruzzi and C-Note -- the three dudes with the most keenly developed survival skills -- are leading the pack. They stop to get their bearings relative to Bellick et al, then hear the whistle of a train rolling on down the track. Lincoln tells 'em all to get going: they're going cross the track ahead of the train, thus using it as a barrier against the cops. Linc is not bad at thinking on his feet. I guess those two extra toes give him a strategic edge over Michael.

The three street-seasoned cons are quick like bunnies. Sucre, not so much. And Scofield -- well, he will not be anchor leg when Team Escarpara competes in the Fugitive Olympics' 4x400 relay. These two will have to jump up on to a moving car, then scamper to the other side and jump out again. Yes -- the two least in-shape cons have the hardest job. Sucre manages it, but Michael can barely haul himself on to the car. Bellick, who is right behind him, shouts in glee, "Open fire!"

He then runs up, positioning himself to pick off Michael, then bellows, "Freeze! I will gun you down, Scofield!" Michael is trying to scramble, but he sort of freezes at this. It's very tense. But right in the nick of time, Linc yanks Michael into the car! Bellick's bullet just wings off the side of the car. The guys roll out of the car, and as the train's cars roll by, Bellick sees them jogging into the woods.

Being Bellick, he immediately takes out his frustrations on someone else; he grabs a nearby flunky, and we learn that the airborne unit is back on the ground, refilling. Bellick snarls, "Son of a bitch." And then we go to credits. Hey! New shots of some characters! Hey, same old name, despite the crew having actually moved from the "Break" part of the plan to the "Broke" part.

When we get back from the break, the puzzle-doer's being summoned to a press conference. As he stands up and begins smoothing his shirt cuffs -- it looks like a grooming ritual he does automatically -- we get the first full-on shot of this guy's face. It's William Fichtner, nee Agent Mahone. Next to me on the couch, my friend Mary-Lynn instantly snaps, "Dibs." Damn her speedy diction! ["Sars will fight you both, and it won't be pretty." -- Joe R] Back on the show, Mahone prepares to head into the press conference. His fingers scrabble for a thick black pen, hesitate, then grab the pen.

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Prison Break




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