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Veronica -- dead!

Speaking of tracking dogs, there they are around the train tracks. Mahone is now flipping through photos of Michael's tattoo and commenting, "A structural engineer, huh?" His partner Ives comments that it's not typical for those guys to get a lot of ink. Mahone concurs. The two of them estimate the total time spent on the work at a few hundred hours, and Mahone decides that they need to talk to the tattoo artist who gave Michael his ink. Ives runs off to find out who it was.

Bellick goes barreling by and Mahone says smoothly, "Mr. Bellick." "Don't talk to me," Captain Displacement replies. Mahone says, "Fine, but it's going to make collaboration kind of hard." Bellick decides to play the oppressed-proletariat-workers card with "I got men out here in harm's way and you're giving press conferences." Mahone says coolly, "The press is a tool. They'll bring those men back quicker than bloodhounds will." Bellick snots, "We don't need you. We're hot on these guys' trail and it's just a matter of time until we nail them." Mahone does not burst out laughing, but that's only because he didn't see Bellick's greatest hits in season one. Instead, Mahone says, "The problem with being on a trail is that by definition, you'll always be behind your prey." The best rebuttal Bellick can muster is, "We'll see about that." I would almost feel sorry for Bellick, as he's so clearly doomed to always be outwitted by his intellectual betters, except that he's such a hubristic prick. Mahone thinks so too; the scene ends with him rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

Meanwhile, in beautiful Blackfoot, Montana, Terrence Steadman is busy telling Veronica, "I'm not armed." She replies, "You'll have to excuse me if I'm a little short on trust at the moment." Steadman -- who appears to have been radically altered by his captivity -- slurs to Veronica, "I assure you, young woman, that I am the furthest thing from a threat. I think the Percoset pretty much insures that?" I don't know -- David Gest might allege otherwise. Veronica snaps his picture and Terrence tells her it won't do any good. Veronica snaps, "You don't get it -- somebody's about to be executed for your murder while you just sit here." Then she and Terrance go back and forth for a few minutes; his contributions to the conversation can be summed up thusly:

1. Don't hate the player, hate the game. And
2. Veronica is now a prisoner in the house, as all the doors only open from the outside. Quoth Terrence: "There's no getting out of here, young woman."

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Prison Break




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