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Road trip romance -- dead!

When we resume, Mulletman is dragging Tweener into the storeroom. I can't stop hearing him all "I've got a bigger one if you're going in deep" and wow, wouldn't that just make Tweener's day even worse? Anyway, Mulletman is binding Tweener's wrists in the back. Who should happen to stroll in through the front but Michael? Mulletman tries to call lightly, "We're closed!" but Michael sees the stick and the hat and pulls a Mahone, i.e. instantly deduces exactly what happened. He just stands there, waiting for Mulletman to come out.

Sure enough, the guy does and Michael just stays there, smirking. Mulletman reiterates that he's closing, then gives Michael another look, saying, "Hold on. Stay there... " Michael merely smiles. In the back, Tweener groans and Mulletman turns to look. When he turns back, Michael hits him. Holy cow, Scofield! I can't believe you didn't actually just stare him into submission, since that tactic worked so well on all your Fox River antagonists. Mulletman goes down for only a moment, then recovers enough to tackle Michael. It is on.

Well, not really. It turns out that the reason Michael didn't do a lot of hitting is because he's not very good at it. Mulletman has pinned Michael and is gloating about how he's going down like his buddy. It appears not to have crossed his mind that if there are two cons hanging around, there may well be three. Linc's boot to his kidneys suddenly raises that possibility. (Also, it cracks me up that Linc is so nonchalant about pummeling anyone who's picking on his brother. I have a feeling this is a dynamic that is older than Tweener.) Linc then uses Mister Pistol to persuade Mulletman to take a walk, while Michael tends to Tweener.

Meanwhile, back at the car, T-Bag has managed to use his brute strength to kick open the trunk. No, really. Yeah, he's still recovering from his amputation and re-attachment antics. Yeah, he's still wiry. I can only conclude that he's also bionic.

Also meanwhile, in this week's designated "Plotline that I could have done without," Sucre has found the church, he's found the steeple, he's opened the door, but he sees no people. Specifically, he does not see Maricruz. He gets her sister Theresa instead. Sucre says "hello" by slapping a hand across the young lady's mouth and telling her he's perfectly harmless, he just wants to see the blushing bride. Theresa says, "She's getting her picture taken with our mom and dad. The wedding's at 2:30!" A panicky Sucre says he needs to see Maricruz, pleading, "She's the mother of my kid. Please! You don't want her to marry Hector, do you?" It is clear from Theresa's face that nobody likes Hector. She promises to see if she can get Maricruz. Sucre kisses her hand in heartfelt gratitude. More people should do that -- it's utterly charming. I mean, it would be weird at work and I'd hate to have my waitress do it at a restaurant but... well, you know where I'm going with this. Theresa leaves Sucre in a dressing room.

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