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Road trip romance -- dead!

And Sucre pulls up to a gas station to refill the motorcycle right around 2:30. He looks at the clock. He gets a voice-over of Theresa saying the wedding's at 2:30. He's... we have just seen this character hit rock bottom.

Meanwhile, the medicated Mahone couldn't be happier. He's got his dolls, his beautiful dolls, and he's got confirmation that Sucre was sighted in Las Vegas at 2 PM. He's also got confirmation that Sucre was spotted in at a gas station in Mesquite an hour later, which either means that someone in the writers' room can't remember the voiceover from a mere minute ago, or the motorcycle has a gas tank the size of a shot glass. Anyway, thanks to his sharpie and the reported sightings of the other cons, Mahone soon concludes that they're all converging on Utah. He chortles. Everyone in the office exchanges dread-soaked looks. Mahone says conversationally, "You know D.B. Cooper? ... Someone hijacked a plane in Portland, and jumped out over the Pacific Northwest. And someone got arrested two days later, in Bisbee, Arizona...the same guy, the same guy who was treated for a broken knee. They had a free clinic near Salt Lake. Same guy whose Nova blew a gasket ten miles short of the border, same guy who almost got away in a stolen car, but he ran a woman down in Bisbee. Vehicular manslaughter. Arrested and booked as Charles Westmoreland. But he didn't have the money on him. Which means he got rid of it somewhere along the way." Wheeler asks skeptically, "This is fact? You figured all this out?" In a voice practically throbbing with infatuation, Mahone says, "Scofield did." Lang averts her eyes, realizing that her boss's heart belongs to a tattooed con on the lam. Mahone happily concludes that Team Escarpara will be getting back together in Utah.

Meanwhile, three of the team members are chatting in the car. T-Bag is saying, "In Thailand, they've got a black market where you can get anything -- even a hand transplant." He holds up his limp, livid appendage. Linc replies conversationally, "You're sick. You know that?" T-Bag ignores that and tells them they'll want to turn soon. Linc asks him, "Before or after Sheep road?" There's a long pause from the back seat, and Michael sardonically inquires, "What's the matter, Theodore? Did you forget?" T-Bag shoots back, "How could I forget a name like Sheep?" Heh -- he's on fire tonight. He tells Linc to turn after. T-Bag then asks, "Don't you feel all warm inside, knowing that we're working together?" Michael drawls, "We're not working together. You're just here to lend a hand." Oooh, so cold, it burns. Anyway, the guys start strolling the quarter-mile that it'll take to get to the ranch. T-Bag lingers at the car. You would think that after all this time, Michael and Linc would know enough to keep a close eye on him at all times.

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Prison Break




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