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Road trip romance -- dead!

Back in some plushy conference room somewhere, Governor Dad is being warned by his dyspeptic elder aide that this whole Burrows thing could spell trouble for the governor's nomination. The aide doesn't think they'll be able to wait it out, pointing out that far too many circumstances around the trial are too good to be left alone: "His lawyer, Nick Savrinn, was found dead. His kid's awaiting trial on double homicide. And now lead counsel Veronica Donovan is missing." Governor Dad asks. "Is she missing or is she dead?" Dyspeptic Aide shrugs, his face indicating that missing means dead in this case. He says, "I just thought you should know all this before you went to Washington." Governor Dad asks, "Is there something connecting all this?" and without missing a beat, Dyspeptic Aide says blankly, "It's probably best if you don't ask a lot of questions." He leaves, and Governor Dad decides it's time to pass the folder he was reading -- the Burrows folder, it turns out -- on top of the "recycle" pile.

Back in Utah's meadow country, Michael's practically skipping through the fields. It's nice how his toes grew back. As he and Linc walk up the hill, Linc says. "The first thing I'm going to do with the money is buy new shoes." Michael adds, "The second thing ? Tacos!" Linc tags in, "The third thing? An ice-cold beer." Michael replies, "The fourth thing -- toothpaste." They do not invite T-Bag to participate. Instead, he's left to stumble into a puddle, just so we can have a fancy-schmancy transition to Mahone doing his Lady Macbeth number in front of the birdbath again. Mahone is on his way to Utah. We do another aquatic transition, and then we're back at the ranch site. Only now, it is not filled with ranch land so much as it's filled with ranch houses. All three men stop short and re-evaluate their opinions on suburban sprawl. The problem they'll have to solve next episode? How to unearth the stash that may or may not be buried below someone's media room. Now if you'll excuse me, the A's just brought it home in the bottom of the 12th, and I have some celebrating to do.

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