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Some poor Mexican hooker -- dead!

When the episode begins, someone with two of his own arms is retrieving T-Bag's money duffel from the baggage check in Mexico City. We soon figure out that T-Bag's paid someone else to do it so he won't be nabbed. T-Bag smiles as he hefts the bag, but his grin disappears the minute he looks up and sees Sucre and Bellick. Then he's actively scowling once they spot him.

There's a very brief chase scene, and T-Bag hops into a cab. Despite the cab speeding off, Sucre manages to catch up with it while running. The aghast expression on T-Bag's face is just delightful. Improbably, Sucre can also talk whilst sprinting, and he pleads with T-Bag that he needs the bag. T-Bag leans over and shouts at the cabbie, "Andele, you son of a bitch! Andele! " T-Bag! Hasn't The Amazing Race taught you anything? The default phrase for all cabs is "Rapido, rapido." I mean, you're going to bring the cab-brawling cliché, you might as well hit all the marks. Anyway, Sucre begs, the cabbie speeds up, and the only thing Sucre gets is the baggage tag, marked E. Stammel.

Back in Chicago, the cargo freighter's blasting its horn prior to disembarking. Michael and Linc. are walking toward the ship, Michael glumly commenting on how they have to run again and Linc shrugging, "It's different this time... we brought the bitch down." "She stepped down," Michael corrects him. Linc lightly replies, "Because of us." "You're still wanted for murder," Michael grumps. Linc turns around and says, "When you came to Fox River, remember what you said? You said, 'I'm going to break you out of here.' You did that. You want to look for the good, look there." Who is this optimist and what has he done with Captain Bringdown?

Dr. Sara is driving to the shipyard to meet the boys. Her phone rings. It's Michael, anxiously asking, "Hey, are you all right?" She is, but she's a little baffled on account of the President stepping down. "What does it mean?" Dr. Sara asks. "It means it's time to go," Michael replies. Dr. Sara tells him she's five minutes away. Michael tells her, "Listen, Sara. Linc and I are on the ship. This is it. There's no turning back now, so, uh, I know it's not what you wanted from your life, but in case you're interested, there's room for one more." Dr. Sara flirts back: "Michael Scofield, are you asking me to sail off into the sunset with you?" Fortunately, Michael does not kill the mood by replying, "We're actually sailing south, so we'll be sailing parallel to the sunset, on the starboard side of the ship."

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Prison Break




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