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Some poor Mexican hooker -- dead!

Instead, Kacee asks if the FBI's really not lying about that whole "Feel free to consider yourselves free" and C-Note tells her, "Don't you worry about it. You just know that your man handles things." And that, my friends, is when Kacee really should slap C-Note so hard his features end up on the other side of his skull, while shouting, "Handles things? Like you HANDLED breaking out of prison? Like you HANDLED our escape from Chicago? Like you HANDLED taking care of Dede after I was arrested?" Anyway, Sullins comes over and confirms that the family has a new address and new identities, and all C-Note has to do in return is show up in court and sing the "Mahone Tried to Kill Me" song in C-major.

We then zoom south. Michael and Linc are walking along a sandy path. Linc is looking more light-hearted than we've ever seen him, while Michael appears to have assumed the mantle of Captain Bringdown. Linc says, "For what it's worth, no-one forced Sara to do what she did." Michael snots back, "Whatever gets you through the night." Linc says, "I didn't ask you to use her." Michael snaps, "It's not that simple." Seriously, Linc. Weren't you present for the big "I love you both" moment last week? Did you think Michael was addressing his comment to your pecs? Michael finally says, "You know what amazes me, Linc? Nothing ever registers with you, ever. It just rolls right off your back. You ruined Sara's life and it's like you don't even care." I think Michael may have a few pronouns confused. Linc just says, "Is that what you think?" Michael huffs, "We're here, and Sara's back there in prison. Does that seem fair to you?" Linc reasonably points out that nothing about this situation is fair. The conversation goes downhill from there:

Linc: "Just don't make this about boy loses girl."
Michael: "Who should it be about, Linc? Westmoreland? Tweener? L.J.? L.J.'s Mom?"
Linc: "Let me stop you right there."
Michael: "Do you remember the name of the guard who was murdered because of the riot I started?"
Linc: "Shut up, Michael."
Michael: "Don't you remember his name?"
Linc: "Please?"
Michael: "I bet you remember Veronica's name, don't you?"

As Linc pushes Michael through some underbrush, Michael bellows about how much it sucks that T-Bag's on the lam, because he and Lincoln are responsible. Michael calms down enough to add, "Every life he takes, that's blood on our hands. And for what?" Linc reasonably points out, "I didn't ask you to do what you did." He goes to walk off, and Michael shouts in frustration, "They were going to kill you, Linc!" Linc shouts back, "Maybe you should have let 'em!" Michael regresses about twenty years and tells Linc to take that back, shortly before he tackles his brother. The two men wrestle and roll their way down to a beach. They fall over, and when they get up, a few feet apart, Lincoln gives Michael a look like, I cannot even believe you tried that. I could kick your ass with one foot tied up -- you know that, right?

Then -- oh, good grief -- we get a Lincoln monologue. He points out that at least Dr. Sara had a choice with regards to her entanglement with the Brothers Scofield/Burrows (Burfield? Scurrows?), whereas Veronica didn't. He says flatly, "I listened to her die, Michael. I listened to her die, and there was nothing I could do... we've lost so much, man. We can't afford to lose each other. We just can't." Bros before hos, Michael. You know how it is.

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Prison Break




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