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Some poor Mexican hooker -- dead!

We then cut to Michael's mug shot. Mahone swoops in super-close, and I am dead certain that we are about to witness the following: Mahone will lick the photo lovingly, and he will do so with a long, forked, reptilian tongue. Oh, but the producers are just faking us out! Mahone's actually embarking on a vigorous decluttering of his crazy space. I feel like Niecy Nash should be here to encourage him, so that it's a happy event with a redecoration at the end, perhaps with an amusing yard sale sequence wherein stooges from the One World Conspiracy haggle with Trish Suhr and Mark Brunetz over how much to pay for the sketches of Michael's tattoos. Instead, we just get angry decluttering. A fax scrolls in, completely unnoticed by the busy Mahone. He finishes and grabs his bag, gives the room an angry once-over, then heads for the door. There is something about Mahone's demeanor that suggests he's psyching himself up to leave this room that he hates.

As he opens the door -- yeeeesh! It's Agent Kim, approaching Mahone's rented room on little cat feet. "Going somewhere... Alex?" he asks in his usual sprightly fashion. "I don't know. Am I?" Mahone replies. What is he, channeling Horatio Caine? Kim grins and tells Mahone he doesn't like to get his hands dirty; as he daintily side-steps Mahone and sidles into the now-stripped room, Mahone checks the stairway to see if it contains the One World Conspiracy goons who do like to get their hands dirty.

Kim regards the empty wall. Mahone reluctantly re-enters the room, and rasps, "It's surprising the things a man will do when properly motivated. Wasn't it you who told me that?" Kim looks up at him with an expression that slightly suggests that he wishes he were a photo of Michael Scofield about to be licked by a long, forked, reptilian tongue. Mahone is on a completely different wavelength: "I would kill you if I thought it would give me an ounce of peace." Kim smiles and asks, "And what would give you peace?" Mahone tells him, "I've been able to hold it together through all this because there was a light at the end of the tunnel, a life at the end of the tunnel for me. Do you see my son? Do you see my wife?" It is a little heartbreaking how he's delivering this, and a little heartbreaking how he refers to his ex as "his wife." Someone is not interested in moving on post-divorce.

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Prison Break




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