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Some poor Mexican hooker -- dead!

Oh glory be! Michael and Linc have found a dock to walk on, so they're finally away from the sand, the insidious sand. We get an achingly lovely shot of the stark, sun-bleached wooden dock extending into brilliant blue water. The shore is deserted; the boys have nothing but open space. As the camera pulls back, we see a pristine sailboat tied to the dock. Linc blurts, "She's beautiful." Michael says wistfully, "She's not the real thing, but... " Linc wants to know where they'll sail to, and Michael replies, "Anywhere we want." They prepare to board. We see the boat is named the Christina Rose.

Commercials. You know how there are simply some things you won't comprehend -- not on a visceral level, not on an intellectual level, not on an emotional level? Well, that's pretty much the phylum Entourage occupies on my own personal entertainment taxonomy, so whatever they're selling just went into that bucket too.

When we return, we see that C-Note is just leaving. The guards buzz him out of the facility, and he ushers his wife and daughter through the doors. As C-Note goes through, a gate slams behind him. C-Note whirls, a haunted look on his face, before remembering he's on the outside. The treacly music kicks up, C-Note wraps one arm around his wife' and another around his daughter, and we see the little family walk off into the sunset, figuratively speaking.

Then we head south of the border, down Mexico way. The music that used to signify impending racial violence, but apparently now signifies an escaped convict scheming, kicks up. Oh, goody -- it's Sucre and Bellick. It turns out Sucre's approach of being civil and, oh, recognizing that speaking Spanish isn't a problem for the residents of Mexico has paid off, as his tourism board contact just told him that an E. Stammel just hopped on a plane to Panama City. Bellick asks, "What the hell is he doing in Panama?"

The answer to that would be, "Picking up another hooker to play Susan in his delusional little fantasy life." While T-Bag is picking out his new faux-ancée, an anglo-looking guy walks by and we all see that he has a piece tucked into the waistband of his pants. Expatriate-turned-pimp, or stooge of the One World Conspiracy?

We get another gorgeous shot of that sailboat in its beautiful, remote slip. Michael undoes a combination lock -- 617, just like the tattoo on his arm that we had never seen before tonight. We get a few shots of the boys exploring, and then we find out the sailboat is even swankier than we thought because now Michael has Internet access... and he's all worked up that Dr. Sara's arrest hasn't made the news. Oh, wait, I misunderstood. Michael's using his handheld to get online. Linc asks him about the message board.

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Prison Break




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