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Some poor Mexican hooker -- dead!

Anyway, Dr. Sara's on her way because it's a total no-brainer: life as a fugitive in the U.S. versus canoodling in a banana-fiber hammock in Central America. The FBI's totally on her case, but she hasn't cottoned to that yet.

Meanwhile, south of the border down Mexico way, Bellick is bawling out Sucre for failing to bring down the cab T-Bag was in. However, Sucre manages to bluff Bellick (I know!) and pulls Bellick's own gun on him, snarling, "What's it going to take for you to forget you ever found us?" I believe the answer to that is "Five million dollars." Sucre is tempted to shoot Bellick, but Bellick points out, "I'm the only one who knows where your Chiquita is tied up... if I tell you, I'm as good as dead. Of course, if you shoot, so is she." Sucre decides that Bellick's bluffing him. Bellick dangles Maricruz's necklace in front of him and asks, "Am I? Let me tell you in words you might be more familiar with: she's in 'the hole,' with enough food and water to last about three weeks. Any longer than that, your sweet little plum's going to dry up like a raisin." Actually, she'd be a prune. Didn't living with an elderly woman teach you anything, Bradley? Bellick tells it how it's going to be: "You ain't getting your hands on that girl 'til I'm getting my hands on that money." Oh, this is going to end up like The English Patient, isn't it? Only, you know, less tedious and, I hope, far less Rafe-Fiennes-test-drives-the-Voldemort-makeup nonsense going on.

We have seconds to go until the boat pulls away. Linc finds Michael, who is fidgeting nervously. Abundantly missing the cue that his brother's thisclose to unspooling, Linc's all, "Huzzah! Time to set sail for a glamorous new expatriate lifestyle!"

Cut to Dr. Sara, who finally notices she's being followed, then boxed in, by multiple cars. She pulls over just shy of the long-closed Windy City Donuts shop. Her phone rings. Michael asks, "Sara, what's the matter? The ship is leaving." The last agent pulls up, and Dr. Sara decides not to lead anyone to Michael. She tells him, "Michael --" He immediately asks, "What's wrong?" Dr. Sara lies, "I'm already on board. I'm sorry, I must have just missed you. Where are you?" Michael, who is surprisingly slow to catch on, says they're on deck. Dr. Sara keeps an eye on the cars surrounding her as she says, "Great. I'm on my way up. [pause] Love you." She clicks off, and we cut to Michael, who is finally realizing that she's been nabbed. Or maybe not? Linc asks if everyone's good, and Michael decides to tell him, "Yeah."

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Prison Break




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