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Some poor Mexican hooker -- dead!

We then establish that Mahone has at least has the decency to not bring his brand of crazy to work, via a conversation with internal affairs director Sullins and Agent Wheeler, who are gossiping about Mahone like he's Lindsay Lohan and they're stringers for US magazine.

Then Sullins goes in to glad-hand C-Note all, "When one of our people does something wrong, it's our job to make it right." C-Note asks, "How right?" and Sullins attempts to manage expectations, "You are a convicted felon, you broke out of a state penitentiary -- there's only so much I can do." C-Note coolly replies, "There's only so much I can say. Now, I'm sorry if I seem a little bit skeptical, but the last time a federal agent came up in here offering me a deal, there was a string attached." HA! Oh, C-Note, for that you get the free pass through this scene. Sullins plows on, saying he can give C-Note an 18-month sentence instead of 18 years. To his credit, C-Note does not even ask if he can serve it in a Martha Stewart-style prison. He points out, "He threatened my family. Now, I need to be out there, protecting them. So until you can offer me something like that, I'm not testifying to a damn thing." Sullins FOLDS, y'all. C-Note's got a clean record and a new life courtesy of witness protection.

We cut to a tranquil-looking suburban neighborhood, then transition inside to a shot of a table covered with sketches; each shows a different illustration incorporated into Michael's tattoo. Mahone is muttering things to himself as he checks a reference book filled with diagrams of crosses. Lang reluctantly announces her presence. When she asks if Mahone's okay, the disheveled man holds up a diagram of the "English, Fitz, Percy" banner we all remember from season one, and points out the tiny delta symbol on the edge. After Mahone spends a few minutes running around channeling Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, we get this tidy plot invention: Michael labeled each of his tattoo drawings with a different letter of the Greek alphabet; this was a device to help him remember the sequence of steps for his plan. The Greek letters don't appear on the tattoos because apparently... the same man who needed all the tattoos to help him remember the plan didn't also need an index to help him keep track of the order? Or is it that we just need a plausible explanation for how Mahone's going to pick up Michael's trail again?

Anyway, the omega of the tattoo sequence is a sketch wherein the head of Christ is nestled within a rose, and the number 617 trails down the stem. Mahone muses that it could be a date, and this is how we find out that it's currently June 15. Really? June in Chicago and everyone's still running around bundled up like they just finished schussing down the black diamond trail? June 15, less than two weeks after Governor Dad was found dead and there's already a headstone on that grave? How have we only had a few weeks pass by? And why can't someone throw us a bone and show us a late night show where someone's joking, "If this is Tuesday, we must have a new President," because honestly, at this point, the nation's had THREE Presidents in TWO months. The only way it is June 15 is if it's June 15 of the next year or something.

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