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Some poor Mexican hooker -- dead!

Baldy Von Stringpuller gives him one more look... then aieeee! The monster, it speaks! He says that owing to the position of the sun in this exact spot, it's a "blind spot" for the next few hours and therefore, anything said here won't be recordable via long-range devices. It occurs to Kim that perhaps , gunshots are also not recordable, so he begins to babble apologies over the way he biffed the Madame President Evil situation. This fails to placate Baldy Von Stringpuller, who is not at all thrilled that Michael and Linc are still alive. However, once Kim gulps out that the boys are in Panama, Baldy Von Stringpuller asks, "How much do you know about Sona?' Kim squeaks around the lump in his throat, "Only what I've been given clearance on." As we flash to a shot of scowly Michael and Linc walking in slow motion, Baldy Von Stringpuller says, "Perhaps what's required here is a change in strategy."

We then cut to Wheeler tooling around an underground garage, nervously asking Agent Sullins how long it'll be before the court approves an arrest warrant for Mahone. Sullins figures it'll be any day now. As Wheeler parks, it's evident he's now at the office, because he says, "I've got a question for you. What if [Mahone's] in there? I can't keep avoiding him. He reads people. That's what he does. And if he finds out I'm involved in this, I'm going to need some protection from --" "Wheeler, relax. Take a breath," Sullins soothes. "Oh, great!" Wheeler screams, continuing, "Now you've done it! On this show, the minute anyone assumes things are working out, that's right when it all goes pear-shaped! Thanks a lot, dillweed!" Can you tell when I stopped faithfully transcribing the conversation and went to subtext?

Sullins tells Wheeler to just act normal, and everything will be okay. Wheeler hangs up, sighs and gets out of his car. He turns around -- right into Mahone. It's to the jumpy agent's credit that he doesn't immediately scream. Mahone asks, "Where you been?" Well, Wheeler will have the entire commercial break to think up an answer!

Commercials. Do you suppose it was Intel's intention to promote their new microprocessor with a spot that looks like the offspring of Agent Smith and a rave?

We return to the same underground garage, with its sickly green light. Wheeler does not have a good poker face. That would seem to be a liability for an FBI agent. Mahone comes over and frisks Wheeler, saying, "I've got to do this." Wheeler weakly protests, "What are you doing, Alex? I'm not wearing a wire. You... gonna tell me what's going on?" Mahone gets up in his face and says, "In old England, the punishment for a traitorous act was beheading." Wheeler swallows uncomfortably. Mahone continues, "Following the execution, they would hold the head up by the hair not -- as most people think -- for the crowd to see the head, but for the head to see the crowd because consciousness sticks around for another eight seconds. The idea was that it would give the traitor one more chance to take a look at --"

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Prison Break




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