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The episode opens with Splenda playing basketball in the courtyard, then quickly flashes to Sammy pushing some ZZ Top-looking guy against a pillar and demanding a ring. Then he turns around and offers the ring to Lechero. Awww -- there's a jewelry market begging to be addressed: Show him you'd be his thug all over again. Every killing begins with K. Lechero declines the bauble, so Sammy pockets it.

Splenda has the bad luck to have a stray shot knock over a refuse bin right as Lechero walks on. T-Bag immediately drops to his knees and begins cleaning, but Lechero calls him off: he'll take the opportunity to have a little one-on-one time with Splenda. It's the little things, like personally scaring the pants off the young man, that make him a leader and success. Anyway, Splenda scampers off and Lechero notices something amid the refuse. We don't get to see what it is, but Lechero decides to pocket it for later.

Inside the prison, Michael has scampered over to introduce himself to the shirtless Tyge. It's not because he's hoping for workout tips: Michael wants dirt on Whistler. Tyge explains that no, Whistler was not an ambassador: "The Ambassador. I was concierge at the Ambassador hotel [in Nice]. I could have sworn he worked there for a few months. Who the hell knows, huh? I was high half the time. Kind of why I got fired. Kind of why I'm in here." As Tyge walks off, Michael asks what Whistler was up to in Nice. Tyge declines to say, snarking, "What? You writing a book?" He saunters off, presumably to do more crunches.

Michael heads off to consult with Whistler. Escape time is in three hours, 41 minutes. Whistler frets about how they've got no way out of no-man's land. Michael's all, "On it," and Whistler reminds him that "your gravedigger friend's only sprayed it once. I'd just as soon not get electrocuted today." Mahone looks up from his perch in the corner right as Michael says, "Would it be better if Sucre sprayed the fence again? Yes. Is that an option? No." Mahone says thoughtfully that maybe Sucre needs another reason to be there. Whistler asks, "What are you going to do? Kill someone to get more spray on the fence?" Mahone grits, "I'd think about killing you if it helped us get out of here today." Michael glares and reminds both men that honestly, bodies are a lot less useful than a ladder would be, so shut up and start working on that.

In the next scene, we see that Whistler's just bought a hammock off an inmate, and he hands it off to Mahone, commenting that it's shorter than the last one. "We might need something to extend it," Mahone says absently; he's busy watching Tyge in the courtyard below. Whistler promises, "I'll take care of it." Mahone then steers the conversation to Tyge, saying, "I don't care if this guy knows you or not. What I do care about is his apparent fixation with watching you at all times." Whistler and Mahone both stare at Tyge, and then Whistler bundles up his hammock and makes to leave, saying, "We'll be out of here soon enough. He won't be a problem then."

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