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Mahone's decision is in no part motivated by the fact that Michael has just flounced up to Lechero's suite and is busy pegging Mahone as the killer. He hands over the shiv to Lechero, who eyes it speculatively. It's just too bad for Michael that this all goes down in the few seconds before Mahone gets to walk on out of the prison. Mahone pauses in the doorway to look back at what he's leaving behind. He is, unfortunately, too far away to distinctly make out Michael's jaw-dropped expression. Lechero turns around and snipes, "How convenient! To blame this all on a man who can't be questioned!" I love how he's making it sound like Michael's somehow subverting the justice system here. The hypocrisy, it is delicious. Lechero decides he's had enough of this, and orders the guy with the hair I hate to "get the prisoner. It's time."

It's time for Michael to gape in horror is what it is. The non-Sammy goons manhandle Whistler to his feet, and they walk off. Michael trails after them, pleading, "You know Whistler didn't do this." Whistler's all, "Yeah! What he said!" The goons set up Whistler so Lechero can cut him a new smile, nice and easy, but before he can get stabby, Michael shouts (rrrrrowr!), "You're a joke!" Then he goes back to the usual whispering, saying, "You talk about equality, you talk about justice, but at the end of the day, you're a dictator, and just like any dictator, you're terrified of losing your power." Lechero warns Michael to shut up, but the boy's running on righteous indignation now, so he continues, "You don't care who the real killer is, just as long as you get to string somebody up. That's all that matters to you, isn't it?" Lechero replies, "I've determined who's guilty, and the punishment is death."

So then Michael shouts (rrrrrowr!), "You're making a mistake! This is murder! You know it and I know it! At least have the guts to admit it!" so Lechero turns around and does so. We cut to Michael being all, "Shit! I had no idea he was going to actually call my bluff!" And then Lechero goes and gets stabby...

...Except he doesn't stab Whistler. He stabs the dude with the objectionable hair! It is a victory for tastemakers all over the southern hemisphere. Or perhaps it is just Lechero wrongly assuming that the guy was on Augusto's take with the cigars. (He put two and two together when he saw the cigar stub in the rubbish bin that Splenda knocked over, and Bad Hair Guy did smell like the stogies.) The dying guy turns to look at Sammy, who's pointedly looking away like nothing to see here, move along, Bleedy. Lechero finishes the guy by slitting his throat; Whistler looks more disgusted by this than Michael does. The two would-be escapees skedaddle. Sammy gives Lechero an inscrutable look.

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