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Meanwhile, right outside...Sucre is busy spraying the fence while he's ostensibly prepping Tyge's body for burial. There's a tense moment when he thinks that someone's on to him, but it's just one of the prison employees waxing philosophical about how much it sucks to end up like Tyge.

We then move over to the car where Linc and Sofia are waiting for Susan B. When the lady pulls up, she hands over what looks like the same Polaroid, only with a different newspaper inserted. Susan B.'s all, "Hey, it's the best you get on short notice." You're telling me the One World Conspiracy -- which is chockablock with handwriting experts and surveillance camera wizards -- can't handle a simple Photoshop job?

Inside the prison, everyone's sort of staring warily. We see why: Lechero has strung up his ex-henchman so everyone can see what the punishment is for killing outside the ring. Sammy asks, "No football today?" Nope -- nobody gets to play. Well, that's another wrinkle in Michael's plan, isn't it? Lechero looks over and says, "You're my brother, Sammy." Sammy snorts and says, "Of course." The two walk inside. We get a final, lingering shot of the dead thug, strung up in a quasi-crucifixion style. Let him serve as an object lesson to anyone else considering that kind of hair!

A somber Linc is waiting for Michael at the usual meeting spot. After Michael confirms that the guard will be asleep in half an hour, he asks, "So we're good?" "Not quite," Linc replies. He shares the news that the One World Conspiracy is now hip to the actual timetable for the escape. Michael looks distraught, like, "I have been watching Animal Cops and they just found some poor horse starving to death" distraught. He asks, "You told her?" Linc says, "She worked it out." Michael is near tears as he asks, "Why didn't you lie?" Because Linc is already having a hard time keeping track of his assorted deceptions? Michael asks angrily, "What are we going to do to get the upper hand here, Linc? You think they're just going to turn over L.J. and Sara?" Linc argues that this is too dangerous, and if the brothers try anything.... Michael interrupts to say that the One World Conspiracy won't hurt the hostages if they want Whistler.

Linc leans in and says gently, "We're playing this one straight. No games, no surprises. All right?" Michael gives Linc a hunted look and pleads, "Show me the pictures?" Linc is now near tears himself. Michael whispers, "Show me the pictures, Linc," and then, "The pictures." Linc can't look at Michael as he admits, "I can't show you the pictures, man." Michael would like to know why not, and Linc finally faces Michael, closes his eyes, and says, "She's dead, Michael."

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