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We return to Sona, where T-Bag is asking the thug with the bad hair, "Norman? Norman?" The other guy chortles, "As you can imagine, he prefers Lechero." T-Bag repeats, incredulously, one more time, "Norman! He kill you before or after he does your taxes?" I think that joke is very unfair to the accountants on the world. Then again, my accountant is named Layla, so jokes about "won't you ease my worried mind?" are de rigeur around tax time. Sammy is apparently not too amused by the joke either, and orders T-Bag to go make them drinks, taking special care to call him "boy." T-Bag reminds Sammy that he was recently promoted, and also takes care to call him "boy." Sammy grabs the chicken foot he keeps handy at all times (between this and the ring, he is Sona's fashion-forward accessorizer, that's for sure), but before he can make the actual challenge, Lechero comes on over and breaks it up. He then pressures T-Bag for whatever dirt he's collected, but T-Bag has apparently not picked up enough juicy or pertinent gossip. Lechero gets miffed, and T-Bag protests, "All I know is whenever I sit down and try to pick things up, Sammy changes the subject. I'm not saying he's the guy, but..." You have to admire how T-Bag's always thinking. Well, you do if you're not named "Lechero" (or "Norman").

We cut to the outside of the prison, where Sofia and Sucre are waiting for Linc to come back from visitation. When Linc does, he has Sofia figure out where the guard's coffee comes from, and he tells Sucre to help him ID a specific guard, on account of they're going to have to drug the guy's coffee. Linc then makes a call to Susan B. and requests, "I need something." We know not what.

Back in Sona, Michael's walking around the halls and brooding. Then there's some skulking in assorted cells, watching the guards, until Lechero's goon squad rounds the corner. They're debating T-Bag. The guy with the hair I hate is all, "He's a clown!" and Sammy growls, "He's a dead clown." Maybe this is why Sammy's in Sona: someone made the mistake of taking him to see Mystere at Treasure Island, and next thing you know.... Anyway, Michael has to hide because it turns out he's in Sammy's cell. This allows us all to see how Bad-Hair-Guy has discovered Sammy's stash of cigars. Sammy laughs, "Take 'em. They're nasty." We then discover that Augusto's been sending in the cigars. Sammy reasons, "I can't make him stop sending them in to me, but I don't work for him, you understand?"

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Prison Break




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