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In the next scene, we see Mahone shuffling out to see a visitor, and holy cats, it's Agent Lang! I love her. And that love increases when she gives Mahone a look and says, "I was in the neighborhood." Mahone asks shakily, "You came all this way to visit?" "I came to get you out of here. I can have you in Schaum correctional facility in 48 hours," she replies. (Boy, this show loves the name "Schaum" -- the firm where Michael used to work was called Middleton, Maxwell and Schaum.) Mahone realizes he'd be in St. Louis. Lang says easily, "Sullins wanted medium security but I talked him down." Mahone asks what kind of deal he can expect, and Lang tells him, "The director's giving us a lot of latitude in exchange for testimony about the Lincoln Burrows conspiracy. So, how does eight years sound?" Mahone rejects the offer, presumably because his inevitable slide into giving handjobs for smack is so much more appealing than getting pegged by the One World Conspiracy the minute he's stateside again. Lang tries to point out that without the deal, Mahone is well and truly screwed, because the U.S. government could decide to prosecute him for his many other crimes, so it's in his best interests to take it. Mahone says shakily, "I appreciate the effort -- your effort," and takes off as Lang asks, "Alex? Alex!" Mahone! Exactly how much of your brain have you melted with the heroin? You used to be smarter than this.

Back in a cell, Whistler's handing over a piece of paper to Michael, asking him to give it to Sofia should Whistler not make it out alive. Whistler then asks if he can do the same for Michael, and Michael tells him to tie an anchor bend knot. Whistler does and holds it up, spitting. "Does that pass your test? I told you I was a fisherman." Or perhaps you led a Boy Scout troop through their knots badge. Mahone comes in then to ask where the escape is, and Michael says, "I found a cell that will get us into a no-man's land. It's a longer run than the old one, but it's going to have to do." Of course, the bad news is that the cell belongs to Lechero's gang. There's more talk about how they're going to be running for the fence, and Michael tells them they'll go unnoticed because everyone will be at the lunchtime soccer game. As some inmates hustle by talking excitedly, Whistler asks, "You sure it hasn't started already?"

The guys head out to the courtyard to see what all the fuss is about. The answer: Tyge, whose dead body is being carried out by some anonymous cons. Oooh, Lechero is not happy about this. The only kind of killing allowed in his prison is the kind that comes with a chicken-foot accessory. He shouts, "Anyone who affronts our justice system in this way must be punished! I know the coward won't come forward, but if anyone has information about this shameful act, I demand to know." Michael is staring down at the body, so he misses Whistler's skeptical one-eyebrow shrug. Mahone does too. Well, that cinches it for me: I think Whistler did it. There's always the outside chance it was Mahone, but I think his reaction more or less shows that Tyge's death took him by surprise. In any event, Sammy decides to scapegoat Splenda.

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