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We cut to the nonplussed Splenda being grilled in Lechero's suite. Lechero says, "Every day I see you wearing your American clothes, playing your American games. I don't think I've heard you speak Spanish since you've been here." "I like to practice my English?" Splenda essays tentatively. Lechero's down with that, adding that "America's a great nation...with justice for all." Correct me if I'm wrong, but these guys are in America too -- they're in Central America, and it seems like they'd be talking about the United States rather than "America." Anyway, the point is not the geographic chauvinism in this scene but rather, that Lechero is interrogating Splenda in the name of justice for dead Tyge. Splenda, who is scared spitless, stammers, "I saw one person go into the stairwell, and then maybe a minute later, I heard an argument." Lechero asks pointedly who Splenda saw, and Splenda gulps. We cut the scene before finding out if he actually points the finger at anyone.

And now Mahone is trying to review the escape plan, but Michael has other thins on his mind. He asks testily, "Does anyone have anything to say about what we just saw out there?" What, like, "My, Tyge's a lot more pleasant now that he's not talking" or "Indeed, he had abs to die for"? Michael points out that an hour ago, Mahone was talking about the need for a fresh body and lo, it appears. Mahone does not reply, "I'm so addled on smack, I can't even comb my hair. Do you think I could pull off a stealth murder in this state?" Instead, he snaps, "This is exactlywhat we should be focusing on -- let's spend another few hours worrying about a dead body in this hell hole." So, I give him points for that too. Before the discussion can go any further, Sammy and his goons come in to fetch Whistler. It appears Lechero has decided that Whistler's the one who killed Tyge.

As the other thugs drag off Whistler, he protests, "I didn't do anything!" Michael helpfully tells Sammy, "Listen to him -- he's innocent." Scofield, unless you've been dogging Whistler's steps every minute of the day, you have no idea what he's capable of. Sammy invites Michael to switch places with Whistler, so Michael huffs back to his cell and snots to Mahone, "Maybe now we should start worrying about who the killer is." Mahone points out that Sona doesn't exactly lack for suspects. Michael's all, "But how many of them can kill a man with a single stab wound to the neck, Alex?" Mahone snaps back, "I was in visitation, Kojak, and what makes you so sure that Whistler didn't do it? He's the one who had the run-in with the guy." Michael insists that Whistler has too much to lose -- which, if you ask me, is just bass-ackwards reasoning: it's because Whistler has so much to lose that he might stab the guy who was shadowing him. Not only does it eliminate the unwanted attention, it gets more spray on the fence so ... win-win. Unless you're Tyge, that is. Anyway, Michael and Mahone bicker some more.

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