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Back on the inside, Michael's walking around Sona when he passes T-Bag. The other man drawls, "My condolences. You finally make a friend, and he's about to die. Damn shame. [pause] You can stop it, you know. If you hadn't noticed, my position enables me to hear things." Michael sighs and heads over, saying. "I'm listening." T-Bag reasons, "The only proof Lechero's got is that your man went down the staircase. What if you had more compelling evidence?" Evidence like, say, a ring? T-Bag reasons that Michael doesn't need to feel guilty about pointing the finger at someone else for the killing if that person was already an unpunished killer, and he finishes with the hissed "Sammy." Michael asks, "You want me to tell Lechero his right-hand man should die?" T-Bag chortles that nobody tells Lechero anything, but one can certainly show him something -- like, say, a ring -- and lead him to the pertinent conclusion. Before T-Bag heads off, he drops the ring on the windowsill in front of Michael and says bluntly, "You want to save your friend's life? Someone else has to die."

So Michael then heads down to the crime scene and sees the big, bloody splotch on the wall where Tyge met his maker. He twiddles with the ring for a minute as he has a crisis of conscience...

Then we cut to a nervous-looking Whistler. Lechero wanders back in and prods as to Whistler's presumed motive: "[Tyge] knew something about you." "He thought he knew something about me," Whistler corrects. Lechero channels a little of the old Bunny Colvin with, "Opportunity and motive -- that's not a good combination." Whistler rebuts, "You know there's discontent from many of the prisoners over how you run Sona." "You know argumentum ad populum doesn't work on me," Lechero snaps back. More or less. Whistler pleads, "My point is this: you execute me, you get your swift justice, you may placate the masses. But when they find out who really did it? They will know you killed an innocent man." I don't see how the Sona inmates will get too exercised over that -- they're find with men killing each other in Lechero's gladiatorial ring now.

Anyway, Lechero presses on what beef Whistler had with Tyge, and the best Whistler can offer is, "He was a nosy guy. He got into my business. I'm sure he did the same with someone else, and that's what got him killed." It's interesting how Whistler can't look Lechero in the eyes when he says that. Lechero asks, "Will you just admit you had an argument?" and Whistler rebuts, "This is prison! If someone makes false accusations, you can't back down. You must respect that." Lechero's wearing a look like, "I don't have to respect anything, boy." It's marvelously skeptical and dismissive and I now have it as a screencap so I can study it for my own deployment purposes later.

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