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It's All Over But the Monologuing
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The episode begins with Michael and Mahone walking together. I half-expect to see a giant, shimmering penumbra radiating from their heads as their awesome intellects break free of their skulls and pool to form one massive SuperMind. Alas, we get only grim exposition: Michael is determined to save both Linc and Dr. Sara without handing over Scylla to either General Von Baldy or Christina. Mahone would like to know how, and Michael muses, "Maybe we can get them to bring Linc and Sara to the same place." Mahone serves Michael his reality check: "Your brother's bleeding to death. Right now, the only advantage we have is that neither party knows there's another player that has leverage on you. You bring them both together, you lose your tactical advantage."

Michael insists that he won't abandon Dr. Sara, and Mahone coolly points out that he's not asking Michael to do that; he's suggesting that Dr. Sara has the tactical advantage of not having to deal with a sucking chest wound. Michael glares at him because he's right.

And now, we have another scene wherein it's established that Christina: A) hates Linc, b) has no soul and C) loves monologuing more the late Spalding Gray did. As Linc lies bleeding on a table, Michael calls and begs for Christina to give Linc the medical treatment he needs. "Not until I get what I need." Michael spits out, "Edison shipping. B-dock. 45 minutes. And bring my brother." I am insanely curious to find out what sort of plan Michael can whip up in that time period.

Then we zip over to Von Baldy, who's having a getting-to-know-you chat with Dr. Sara: "Was it worth it? Do you ever go back to that night and wonder how things would have gone if you had just left that infirmary door locked? All those people whose lives would have been saved? Hell, your father would still be alive. You ever think about that? And now that Michael's returning Scylla to me, it's all for nothing." Dr. Sara keeps her cool and points out that Michael's not necessarily coming back with Scylla. The General postulates that, were the situation reversed, she'd come back for Michael because "your heart betrays your better judgment. So does Scofield's." Dr. Sara calmly says, "You're probably right. Because if Michael had used his better judgment the night he stole Scylla out from under your nose, he'd have killed you." Von Baldy decides that the time for small talk is over and huffs off. T-Bag slithers over, pulls out his pocket, and hisses, "Take it." Dr. Sara just rolls her eyes. Well, when you've been worked over by Kellerman and Gretchen, every other would-be torturer is sort of B-grade, aren't they?

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Prison Break




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