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The Bozo Fetts' beautiful friendship -- dead!
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Previously on Prison Break... T-Bag's plans for courtship and killing go awry, Linc's plans for staying on the lam go awry, and Mahone's plans for clinging to the remainders of his sanity go bye-bye after Michael taunts him via the ex-Mrs. Mahone's stolen mobile phone.

And now, we are all walking on sunshine. Don't it feel good? Not if you're T-Bag, it don't. The reason we're all listening to Katrina and the Waves at an eardrum-splitting volume is because Bellick and Geary are torturing T-Bag in order to find out where he's stashed the $5 million he's got. And one of the ways they're torturing T-Bag is by playing odious music at top volume. Either that, or they too have the Like Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture Box and T-Bag is about to be hit with the Timex Social Club.

It is to the credit of all three actors that Geary and Bellick manage to evoke feelings of pity for T-Bag as the suffering victim here. It is also to their credit that I don't ask until the end of the scene, "Wouldn't the neighbors have come over to check out the screaming and the mediocre 1980s pop? Especially since the Bozo Fetts mention they've been 'working over' T-Bag all night? Or maybe the realtor swung by to take a look at the house and noticed that two sweaty bullies were brutalizing one wiry little degenerate? No?"

Mercifully, we move from that savage scene to Chicago FBI headquarters. There's a tight close-up on Lincoln's mug shot, and then we see Lang scribble a big red X over it. She then stands up and announces calmly, "Confirmed -- Burrows is in custody." The room erupts in cheers and applause and she breaks out into a big grin. That really makes me like her. Really! True, she may (or may not) be part of the One World Conspiracy, and she may (or may not) be grappling with the perpetual urge to sink a Bic into Mahone's left eardrum. However, I like that she's a good manager and she's mostly competent at her job. Anyway, Lang asks Wheeler if he's been able to track down Mahone -- perhaps she's got a festive red Bic with his name on it -- but we establish that he's currently MIA.

Kellerman is also trying to raise Mahone and failing, so he has to settle for a quick chat with Kim. Kellerman says brightly, "Lincoln Burrows is in custody!" Kim stalks around some balcony in downtown Chicago, looking like Conspiracy Stoogus of Borg with his Bluetooth headset. He smarms, "That's why I called. Who has [Linc]?" Heaven forefend actual law enforcement have a fugitive in custody. Kim then gets shirty over Mahone's disappearing act, as the whole point to embroiling Mahone in the One World Conspiracy was to make him "the official face" for all their fugitive-slaughtering needs. Kellerman tells Kim to step off, pointing out, "There won't be anything official, and there won't be any questions." Kim disagrees: "Of course there will. Just make sure no one's left to answer them."

Meanwhile, in verdant Wilcox, Arizona, Lincoln, and LJ are marking time in the back of a single police cruiser. It's good to know that with such a high-profile apprehension of a nationally-wanted felon and his son, there's no need to put the Burrows boys in separate cars, or to have a multiple-car escort to make sure something doesn't go wrong.

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