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The Bozo Fetts' beautiful friendship -- dead!

Now we can move on to the other three more interesting plots currently percolating in this episode.

So Dr. Sara's driving to her rendezvous point on the remote Butterfield Road. It's a dead-end road, and the rendezvous point is by a mailbox that has no house attached to it anymore. Dr. Sara checks the mailbox, then resumes looking around like, "What the hell, Scofield?" We see another car slowly slide into view. Dr. Sara gets out of her car, taking care to use it as a shield between herself and the other car, and then we see Michael get out. He's wearing a big ol' pair of "Respect Mah Authori-TAH!" sunglasses, which really do nothing for him, and neither does his opening line: "Hello, Sara."

And we're at commercials. You are telling me that in the history of the entire Subway franchise, there's only one customer who lost weight whilst eating those sandwiches? They can't find another spokesperson?

After we return to Butterfield Road, we see that Michael's parked his car at a 90-degee angle to Dr. Sara's, and he's walking over to greet her now. Nobody flings themselves into the other person's arms. Instead, the two stand about eight feet apart, and have this conversation:

Michael: I wasn't sure you'd come.
Dr. Sara: I didn't have a choice.
Michael: This isn't going to be easy for you. [Takes off the sunglasses so as to convey that it's going to be SO DIFFICULT, even accessorizing eyewear will be a hardship.]
Dr. Sara: You said in your message that you had a plan to make all of this right. I need to know what that is.
Michael: [Thought bubble reading, "Perhaps I oversold it... "]

We interrupt this awkward reunion to cut to Mahone at the Sundown Hotel. The clerk helpfully tells him that Dr. Sara checked in alone, and that she received a fax in the morning. Mahone quickly pulls the last message off the fax's memory and establishes that the location is but five minutes away. When the helpful clerk asks, "If she comes back, is there something you want me to do?" Mahone says smugly, "She's not coming back."

Nope. She is, instead, continuing the world's most awkward reunion.

Michael: I've arranged for us to get to Panama. We're meeting up with my brother tomorrow.
Dr. Sara: Wait -- that's your... plan?
Michael: [Thinks, "Her reaction isn't what I planned."]
Dr. Sara: To run away to Panama with the two most wanted men in America? Michael, I came here because I thought you were going to have real answers for me.

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Prison Break




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