Prison Break
Riots, Drills And The Devil, Part I

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Unquiet riot

In the tunnels, Michael finishes drilling, and turns to Sucre to tell him it's his turn. Sucre gets religion: "No -- I ain't mess with no Diablo, man." Michael almost loses his temper: "We can't afford downtime. We have to switch off drilling." Sucre insists, "It's bad mojo, bro. You kidding me? I mess with him, you drill into him, he gets pissed. And then what, huh? I got enough enemies already." Michael puts on his problem-solving face and eventually reasons, "You believe in God, right? So you're protected. You know he'll protect you, from him." Michael hands over the drill. Sucre takes his leap of faith.

I have to admit, the first time I watched that scene, I was like, "Michael, less with the talky-talky, more with the smacky-smacky upside the head." And then I remembered that I am the same person who still can't watch The Exorcist alone, so it's not like I can mock Sucre from a point of supreme rationality, and that the point of this whole scene may well have been to demonstrate that Michael's prison break depends as much on him engineering people's behavior as well as mechanical solutions. So now I'm less inclined to poke fun. This one time, anyway.

Speaking of blood-curdling things that are hard to watch, it's T-Bag, dragging the battered Bobby down the stairs. T-Bag's face is a chilling mix of anticipation, predatory glee, and merciless anger. (Again, Robert Knepper, my hat's off to you.) The camera pans over the crowd; we see Seth frozen in the back, staring with trepidation. T-Bag gets everyone's attention and screams, "Gentlemen! I assure you, once Bob and I are done getting acquainted, everyone else will get their turn." Bob weakly stirs. The inmates go nuts. T-Bag hauls Bob up and commences dragging him down a catwalk, and Seth watches them go in mute shock.

T-Bag continues to drag Bob along, crooning sweet nothings like, "Don't worry -- I don't got the blickey. My pipes are clean." Bob breaks away and attempts to flee, but his wounds make it difficult for him to do more than scramble along on his elbows, trying to drag himself to freedom. T-Bag drawls, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no. They always think they can run away!" And then he beats Bob to within an inch of his life.

Down on the devil site, the drilling continues. The guys have this conversation as Sucre works:

Sucre: What if we do all this work and the pipe is ten feet that way.
Michael: It won't be.
Sucre: You got X-ray vision?

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Prison Break




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