Prison Break
Riots, Drills And The Devil, Part I

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Unquiet riot
Michael: I calculated the drill point coordinates, hid them in my tattoo, and then projected them back on to the wall. Everything's been worked out so the image hits the right spot. It's just math.

This is the point where I say aloud to nobody in particular, "Good thing you haven't gained or lost any muscle mass since getting that tattoo!" Continuing…

Sucre: What if your math is wrong?
Michael: You'll drill into one of a dozen gas lines behind the wall. They'll be an explosion, and we'll be burned alive.

Strangely, this fails to make Sucre feel better. Michael's little almost-smile doesn't help. Sucre eventually says, "But you're good at math, right?" Heh.

Back in cellblock A, T-Bag's moved on from the brutal-beating portion of events to the sissy-boy slap party. This evidently counts as foreplay, and T-Bag drags Bobby into Michael's sheet-bedecked cell to seal the deal. T-Bag then kicks Bobby, who stumbles into the sink and pulls it out of the wall as he falls. Cut to Sucre and Michael looking up; they're wearing identical expressions of dread.

T-Bag's attention has suddenly been channeled in a whole new direction. He crouches down, notices the corridor behind the sink, and breathes, "They're breaking out."

Commercial time! You may think Round Table pizza's okay, but spokespuppets wearing tuxedos are rarely okay.

Because T-Bag's something of an idiot, he does not immediately grasp the strategic value of having an undetected escape route. He turns around, bellowing, "They're breakin--" The "--" is a punctuation mark otherwise known as "Abruzzi in your face." Abruzzi grabs T-Bag by the jaw and shushes him. T-Bag's expression abruptly shifts to fear.

Meanwhile, things aren't looking good for our friend the doctor. As she scrabbles for something that can be used as a weapon, one of the cons manages to punch a hole in the glass. He snakes his arm in, hoping to open the door from inside, and she sticks him with a syringe full of some sedative. It doesn't buy her much time, so she breaks open the medicine cabinet.

Outside, Pope's barking commands; he wants someone to shut off the water. Bellick says, "I'll call maintenance," and Pope's all, "Oh, no thanks. I'll have someone else handle it." Pope then gives Bellick A Meaningful Look. When your boss is giving you looks that require capital letters, it's not good.

Michael crawls back into his cell and freezes upon seeing Bobby and T-Bag. "Yeah, we-- we have a problem," Abruzzi stammers. Well, he gets points for understatement. T-Bag immediately jumps in with, "Yeah, Bob here's seen the hole. He's got to go away." Michael turns and faces the wall, electing to also keep things understated by not beating his head against the wall and chanting. "No, no, no, no, no." As Sucre crawls out, Michael whirls around and gets in T-Bag's face with, "No one's going anywhere." "He's seen the hole," T-Bag argues. "So have you," Abruzzi points out. Ah, John -- thanks for that contribution. Sucre picks this time to tell Michael "I told you so." Why Michael hasn't strangled him in his sleep by this point is a mystery. Bob pleads, "I've got a daughter." T-Bag's got the killing lust on him, but Michael grits, "The cops are right outside. And they'll stay outside as long as they know he's alive." T-Bag keeps pressing for death, and Abruzzi makes himself even more useful by pointing out that it would be just as easy for them to kill T-Bag as it would for him to kill the guard. T-Bag's all, "But you see, I've just invited myself on your escape."

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Prison Break




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