Prison Break
Riots, Drills And The Devil, Part I

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Unquiet riot

As the faceless wonder slams down the phone in what the Foley artists clearly hoped was a menacing fashion, Linc happens to walk by in his oh-so-unflattering prison jumpsuit. Between that and the haircut, he looks like he just wandered out of a party where the theme was "Dress as your favorite Ridley Scott character!"

In another part of the yard, the inmates are going nuts as Dr. Tancredi walks toward the fence. She calls out to Michael, "Hottest April on record." "Global warming," he responds. Yeah, these two are penal system's answer to Tracy and Hepburn. Dr. Tancredi asks if Michael has a minute and he says, "About five years' worth." She's all, "Sorry. Right." Inside, it's all, "Oh, I'm so awkward! Now he'll never ask me to the spring cotillion!" The good doctor continues, "You never told me Lincoln Burrows was your brother." "It never came up," Michael reasonably points out. "I'm curious if that isn't because of my father, the governor. He may not be the one pulling the switch, but you and I both know he has the power to grant clemency and he won't. And he never does." she continues. Michael Blue Steels at Dr. Tancredi as he says, "My old man was an abusive drunk who abandoned his family. I don't judge anyone by their father's actions. Or inactions. If that was your concern." Dr. Tancredi gets even more flustered and embarrassed, and says she doesn't agree with her old man, and she's sorry about Lincoln. Michael -- who apparently hasn't blinked once -- tells her he appreciates that. Dr. Tancredi tries to hold her own in the staring contest that's just started, but she's up against a world-class goggler, so she quickly turns around. And then she turns around again and says, "This isn't much. Um, I have to give Lincoln a weekly check-up now. If you want, I could schedule those visits to end right before you come in for shots. That way, you could at least see each other on the way in, even if it's just in passing." To indicate that he's moved, Michael stares some more. He thanks Dr. Tancredi, who looks like she was hoping he would ask her to the inmate's spring cotillion. As she walks off, he turns around and looks remorseful for a moment.

Then Michael walks over to C-Note (I think…it's been a few episodes) and gets a hand-powered eggbeater. That sets him back $100. Only state prison can make Sur La Table look like a bargain.

Hey, T-Bag's back from the infirmary. Surprisingly, he gets a very warm reception from all the inmates inside. I suppose it helps when all the African-American inmates are forced to go outside and stand around to rap music. As T-Bag hooks up with a crony, the crew-cut guy tells him, "We got you a little get-well gift." He's sitting in a cell, looking fairly scared. T-Bag stops in the door and, to the great amusement of his cohort, croons, "Awww. It's just the right size." The inmates fall about laughing. Eat your hearts out, Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley! We have T-Bag at our lunch table again! The guys head out and T-Bag commences coerc-- excuse me, wooing the scared young man in front of him. He's one smooth mack daddy: "You new, Seth? Scared? Look at me, boy. You probably heard stories about me. They're not all true. [Pulls out his pocket.] What do you say we go for a walk?" Seth's eyes bug out with fear, and he looks up at T-Bag with something like resignation.

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Prison Break




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