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Riots, Drills And The Devil, Part I

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Unquiet riot

Meanwhile, Lincoln's little brother is doing some engineering stuff that makes the whole field of mechanical problems look incredibly alluring. Engineering undergrads across the country, you should be sending thank-you notes to this show for making y'all look so good. Sucre's staring at the wall, muscles casually popping out in all directions, and he asks, "That's one big pile of concrete. How do you know where that pipe is?" Michael fits the end of a makeshift projector over his previously-assembled tripod thingy and he says, "I got someone to show us where it is." He flips on the light and -- aiiieee! Es el Diablo! Sucre gets religion in a hurry. Michael smiles, more at what he sees on the wall than what his cellmate's doing.

Somehow, order's been restored to the clinic. Don't get used to it: a big, mean, bald inmate has just jumped the CO and knocked him out. Dr. Tancredi finds this out when she walks out of the private examining room, notices the guard on the floor, then turns around to discover seven feet of leering inmate behind her, asking not-very-nicely, "What's up, doc?"

Commercials. Oooh, the Rock's in a new movie! I refuse to apologize for being excited about this. I also refuse to apologize for my bone-deep loathing of all Burger King commercials. If I were offered the chance to beat that mascot to death with a sack full of Whoppers, I'd have a hard time saying no. The only thing differentiating the creepy, silent stalker Burger King from The Carver over on Nip/Tuck is that the former's got a lucrative corporate spokesmute career. I don't think I will "wake up with the King," thank you very much.

So when we return from commercials, we discover that what's up with the doc is the doc. More specifically, she's been choked by Tall, Dark and Ugly, and only her quick thinking -- jabbing his choking arm with her needle full of penicillin -- gets her free. (And it helps clear up Tall, Dark & Ugly's burning sensation when he pees! Everyone wins.) Dr. Tancredi quickly barricades herself in the examining room. Naturally, because the room doubles as a Doctor Aquarium, all the inmates in the vicinity are soon rushing over to beat on the windows. Dr. Tancredi would have acute sympathy for every reptile that's ever endured a zoo-goer's asinine tap-tap-tapping on its home, but she's too busy figuring out what she can use to defend herself, as the cut phone line's made it impossible for her to call out, and she doesn't carry a cell phone or beeper on her person. In a prison.

Meanwhile, T-Bag's still yap-yap-yapping away at Linc, evidently hoping to talk him into submission. He attempts to draw a metaphor about jackals and antelope but appears to have gotten confused about his African fauna: Linc resembles nothing so much as a pissed-off rhinoceros right now. And then he begins butting heads. He's remarkably effective in mob fighting. Oh, wait -- he's only effective for ten seconds or so. Looks like T-Bag was right about the pack-of-jackals part of his metaphor anyway. He and his little friends drag off the bloodied Bobby. ["Probably to quiz him about what it was like to take Brenda Walsh to the prom." -- Sars]

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