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Michael watches the three stooges run through their charade outside the hotel via some binoculars (note: it is not so amusing as it would be were the Three Stooges attempting to enter a hotel), then we switch to the inside lobby where Gretchen's instructing Whistler, "In and out." As Whistler heads for a back room, he passes a white-haired guy who seems very interested in him. Going by that beady-eyed glare, I'd peg him as a One World Conspiracy stooge. Michael bluffs his way into the gathering by dressing like a caterer's assistant, and we get a quick sequence of him opening the case of wine he's been carrying to retrieve a gun and a suit jacket. Within moments, Michael's become just another dude in a suit wandering around the hotel.

Whistler is now conducting some bit of business with a guy named Jason. During their back-and-forth about why Whistler wants the card, we find out why the One World Conspiracy was so hot to get Whistler out of prison: he's the only one who's been working on this months-in-the-making $50,000,000 deal, and Jason's under the impression that he's selling the stolen-from-the-One-World-Conspiracy data card to someone who's not part of the One World Conspiracy. Jason learns that he's wrong when Whistler whips out a gun and puts a bullet in his brain. Whistler also kills the other guy in the room and heads back across the lobby, all purposeful and distracted. This would explain why he fails to notice Michael tailing him.

Next, Whistler ducks into a back storage room and begins rummaging around in the ceiling for something. As he does, he takes a call from Gretchen. (You all have no idea how many times I've already typed "Susan B." and deleted them. And it's only five minutes into the show! Old habits die hard.) Displaying her usual zen management style, Gretchen asks, "What the hell are you doing?" Whistler tells her he's hiding the gun; what he's actually doing is duplicating the data from the data card and making a copy. The task is interrupted by Michael cocking a gun and asking, "Where is she?"

Whistler doesn't seem all that surprised to see Michael. We get a shot of him monkeying with the two cards (one of which is possibly an incomplete duplicate) and then he says, "You don't understand. Trust me." It's so cute how he thinks "trust me" will work. Whistler adds, "I'm not your enemy, Michael." Although Michael had ordered Whistler to summon Gretchen, she walks right in on her own, right past the gun-wielding Michael. Suddenly, Gretchen's capture whilst in a war zone makes a lot more sense.

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Prison Break




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