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Meanwhile, down in Panama City, T-Bag is bidding an affectionate adieu to Sister Mary Hooker, or whatever her name was. She wants to know why he can't just start a new life here, seeing as how he's got a big pile of money and a sweet young thang who has no issues with any of Teddy's behavioral tics and peccadilloes. T-Bag explains, "Where I come from, there's something called a blood feud. Michael Scofield left me for dead one too many times, as it turns out." So, T-Bag figures he might as well leave a fulfilling life of luxury and affection for one of revenge schemes. Good luck with that, T-Bag. Anyway, bird book is packed, Sister Mary Hooker is paid off, and T-Bag is now being ferried northward by an allegedly reputable collection of coyotes.

Meanwhile, Agent Blots Out The Sun has met with General Von Baldy; the agent hands over the card and Von Baldy determines its authenticity. He also tells Agent Blots Out The Sun that he's now responsible for cleaning up the mess around Scylla: "Everyone who was close to Whistler. Scofield, Mahone, Burrows. Clean up."

We cut to Mahone calling his ex-wife. He says shakily, "I have to tell you, Pam, you know, I had a plan? For all of us to be together? Aaaaaand ... I'm not going to stop working on it." Pam is not a big plan of premeditated scheming: "Why do you need a plan if you want to be with someone? You just ... be with them." Mahone does not reply, "Well, it takes planning to get out of several murder raps and the occasional drug or conspiracy charge. That's why." Instead he practically gushes, "Don't say that unless you mean it. 'Cause I'll turn this world upside down to get back to you." Oh, Pam means it. She's made Mahone the happiest fugitive in America!

The happiest ex-fugitive in South America is now amiably squabbling with Sofia over the relative merits of chili burgers vs. plantains as they shop at an open-air market. Linc's still amiably bantering with Sofia when he spots a really anglo-looking guy giving him the cold, calculating stare we so often associate with the One World Conspiracy. Linc quickly hustles Sofia and LJ out of the market, explaining that he saw a stooge, and after both Sofia and LJ are like, "Just relax, it's fine," the little family turns a corner and runs right into said stooge. We all know what happens next: LINCOLN SMASH. LJ, no stranger to this sort of mayhem, hustles Sofia out of the way. In the ensuing grappling, Linc disarms the stooge and shoots him. About a dozen police descend upon him. Oh, this isn't good.

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Prison Break




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