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This episode begins where the other one ends -- with Michael hanging out by the Scylla obelisk, just sort of checking it out all nice and slow. We cut to General Von Baldy and some of his security goons heading down to the Scylla chamber, which only makes me jumpy, so of course, Michael decides it's time to slow down and count each individual vent in the sides of the Scylla, or whatever. Aigh! Tension at the one-minute mark can't be good for anyone's resting heart rate.

Then the show cackles evilly and switches away before we see what happens next! We cut to GATE, where Gretchen and T-Bag are coiled with expectation, ready and waiting to kill Team Scylla and take the booty over to Fang. T-Bag asks if maybe they shouldn't be waiting closer to the Scylla chamber, and Gretchen condescends to tell him, "If you knew anything about tactics, you'd know that this is the high ground. Besides, we have silencers." I'm thinking that T-Bag actually knows plenty about tactics, given how well he's managed for himself in the past few seasons, but what do I know? I'm no flawlessly-lipsticked mercenary. Then again, if I were, I wouldn't leave my silencer-equipped guns casually resting below my desk.

We flash back to Michael wearily concluding that Scylla is not one card but six, then in the present, he pokes around one of the slots in the Scylla monolith. In the elevator, General Von Baldy directs his little henchmen to make sure Michael's not wired for explosives, then to kill him. We cut to Michael, and hear the ding of an elevator the same time he does, and then ...

And then it gets AWESOME because it turns out that Michael was dilly-dallying for a reason! And that reason was because he had planned for General Von Baldy to come down all along, and the minute the general and his goons are down, the other members of Team Scylla have guns to everyone's heads (note: this is when I actually cheered), and Linc cuddles up to General Von Baldy with his piece and orders, "Drop 'em. Or I blow his head clean off." We cut to Mahone, who is giving his designated goon a look that'll probably cause the goon to drop both his gun and the contents of his lower intestine. When the goon fails to respond, Mahone aims at Scylla and says, "You're going to want to put that down." Von Baldy sighs, "Lower your weapons." The goons do; Sucre restrains them. Linc walks Von Baldy over to Scylla. Because Von Baldy is still in denial over Team Scylla's chops, he drawls, "The best minds in the world designed the security system and you almost beat it. The frustration must be killing you. You blew it." Michael comes over and says, "Actually, there's only one missing piece of the puzzle and you just brought it to me." The general's all, "Come again what?" and Michael demands the general's Scylla card. Linc leans forward with his gun, and the general dismisses him with an eyeroll before sighing and handing over the card.

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Prison Break




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