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To Thine Own Self Be True

Back inside, the goons have surrounded Michael at the ticket counter. One of them says smugly, "Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows." Linc makes as if to leave, and the lead goon tells them that wouldn't be a good idea. "Why is that? You gonna shoot us?" Linc asks. As a matter of fact, Lead Goon is planning to do that. "In front of all these people? You'd never risk that kind of exposure," Michael says. "I think it's clear by now you've miscalculated how far we're willing to go," the goon says. So Michael reluctantly hands over the bag on the goon's say-so.

Michael then says, "Tell [Von Baldy] this isn't finished." "Oh, you can tell him yourself," the goon says unctuously, but before he can explain how he's planning to engineer a meeting between Von Baldy and Michael, he is surrounded by a dozen uniformed soldiers. The platoon sergeant explains that the goon will be coming with them as a security precaution. Michael and Linc take advantage of the many swarming soldiers to slip out of the sight of Lead Goon and his three undergoons. The soldiers then take Lead Goon into a back room and tell him to empty out the bag. "All I've got in there is a laptop and an external hard drive. I'm telling you, you've got the wrong guy," Lead Goon says. The soldier pulls out a MacBook and ... a book. Cut to Lead Guy losing his cool and lunging for the bag, which ticks off the soldier. Reluctantly, Lead Goon steps back and lets the other man finish searching. He picks up the book, which is titled All's Well That Ends Well. Oh, that Team Scylla with their puckish humor! I am curious, however, if Michael sent Dr. Sara out to Barnes & Noble to buy the book or if they just happened to have a volume of Shakespeare's comedies on hand.

Cut to Mahone fielding a call from Self demanding, "Well?" Yeah -- they've got it. Sucre's had it tucked in the back of his pants. Lucky Scylla.

Then we zip over to an oil derrick. (They do have them in the L.A. area.) Trisha's parked by one, with T-Bag in the back seat. He asks her, "So you knew who I was from the start? My real name, my record, ah ..." "I read your file, yeah," Trisha says. T-Bag looks out the window, then looks back and asks wistfully, "What if you hadn't? What if you never knew I was Theodore Bagwell the convict? Would you have believed I was Cole Pfeiffer?" Trisha looks at T-Bag in the rearview mirror with something almost like pity. T-Bag continues, caught up in the receding details of his baggage-free alternate persona: "Stellar salesman? Talented speaker?" Trish says, not unkindly, "I ... don't know. You certainly had a lot of other people fooled. [Beat.] Until you pulled a machine gun on them." T-Bag says sadly, "I guess it's like they said over at GATE: we are captives of our own identities, living in prisons of our own creation." By the end of that, he's darkly amused by the sentiment. We get a tight close-up on T-Bag's rueful expression as he says, "Who'd have thought they'd be right about something?" Ah, T-Bag. I do like how you're not at all sorry about your past actions; you're only sorry that they caught up with you.

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Prison Break




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