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To Thine Own Self Be True

Cut to Michael handing Scylla to Don Self and asking wryly, "So if you drop this, does that mean we all go back to prison?" Don Self says, "Don't worry -- if this doesn't get in the right hands in one piece, I'm going to be in as bad a spot as you are." Then he hands out Team Scylla's cash and parting gifts -- his warm congratulations, and promises that "Now I live up to my end of the deal. The vans are going to be here in half an hour. You're going to be sent to a field office, and you're going to go through processing. [Hands an envelope to Michael.] This is all your transfer paperwork. Give this to an Agent Schmidt. He's going to be heading up the convoy. I wish I could drive you myself, but I need to get to Dallow ASAP." Michael's not really listening because he's in the middle of another throbbing, tumor-induced headache, and Dr. Sara pipes up with the news that Michael needs to go to a hospital. Don Self promptly promises to send an ambulance with the vans: "You're going to get the best medical care available." So you're driving Michael up to Canada? Then Don Self emotionally says, "I should be thanking you. Because of what you've done, lives are going to be changed forever." Then there is hand-shaking -- you should see the look on Michael's face, which is all, "Hey I don't let just anyone touch me" -- and then Don's off, leaving Team Scylla standing around, feeling a tad deflated.

Meanwhile, back at the One World Conspiracy HQ, General Von Baldy's sitting in his chair and reflecting on what a crappy, crappy day he's had -- first Gretchen breaks his tiny black plastic heart, then Team Scylla proves that he perhaps paid too much for his expensive security system, then someone kidnaps his daughter, then Scofield waltzes off with Scylla. So when some stooge is all, "Sir, what are your orders?" Von Baldy can only reply, "I don't know." The death pool on Von Baldy starts now.

Back at Team Scylla HQ, Michael and Linc are sitting on a loading dock. Michael is saying, "None of us will ever have to look over our shoulders again. That's the most important thing, no matter what comes next." Oh, Michael, can't you see that you've just dared the gods to wreck your happiness? This is practically a Greek myth, with the way you're all, "And now, nothing bad can happen to us, aside from my head exploding like a ripe melon." Anyway, Linc is not big on mythological conventions and catching the attention of the spiteful and petty gods, so he focuses on snapping Michael out of his pity party by reminding him that between the two of them, they've demonstrated a heroic capacity for surviving epic mayhem. What's a sojourn into the U.S. healthcare system compared to that? (Hint: It's a nightmare.)

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Prison Break




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